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"Fingers" O'Flannegan, "the slickest jail breaker on record", was held by the United States government in their maximum security prison, San Quentin. He was personally requested by the Second Doctor to join a team to rescue Jason Wurlitzer. When he received the news, he had just been caught by the commissioner, attempting to escape. The commissioner suggested he might be pardoned if the mission for Kurt Wurlitzer went well.

Led by the Doctor, Fingers joined the group through fifty miles of dense jungle on the planet of the dwarfs. Once in the dwarfs' underground base, Fingers, with his "artistic touch", got young Wurlitzer out of his cell.

As his nickname suggested, Fingers was good with his fingers, but he said of the combination lock on the outer door to the jail-chamber: "I've broken into and out of some places in my time but this door beats the lot!" (COMIC: Operation Wurlitzer)

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