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Fire engine

A fire engine. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

A fire engine was a human emergency services vehicle used for aid in various situations, usually in fighting fires.

The Eleventh Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to start a fire engine and make it drive away without any passengers. He later commandeered a fire engine and used its ladder to gain access to the second floor of Royal Leadworth Hospital. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

The Tenth Doctor once used a fire engine's ladder to get over a megalosaurus. (PROSE: The Last Dodo)

A Volvo fire engine arrived at Coal Hill Academy after the Shadow Kin wreaked havoc on the school, the night of the Autumn Prom. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

Grant Gordon had a toy fire truck in his childhood bedroom. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

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