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A policeman and his partner drove up to their police station on Christmas Day, 1965, to discover their station sergeant examining a newly ill-placed police box (in actuality, the Doctor's TARDIS) in front of their station. The sergeant directed the pair to watch the box whilst he went inside to refer the matter to the detective-inspector.

The policeman was surprised by the First Doctor momentarily exiting the box. The Doctor exited again and surrendered to him and his partner who took him inside the station.

The policeman then caught Sara Kingdom exiting the box, dressed in her Space Security Service uniform which he assumed was a costume for a fancy dress party. As it was Christmas, he gave her some leeway, insisting she depart but not taking her into custody. Steven Taylor was able to sneak out of the TARDIS when his back was turned.

All three rushed back into the TARDIS when Steven managed to free the Doctor. (TV: "The Feast of Steven")

Behind the scenes Edit

In the novelisation, he is given the name Welland.