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Fitzgerald Michael "Fitz" Kreiner was a companion of the Eighth Doctor.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Fitz Kreiner was born to Otto Kreiner and Muriel Kreiner in 1936. (PROSE: The Taint) Fitz's earliest memory was of a visit to the zoo with his Dad, where he fed peanuts to the monkeys. (PROSE: EarthWorld) His father died when he was a boy. (PROSE: The Taint)

Fitz was an excellent guitarist. He performed under the name Fitz Fortune to avoid calling attention to his heritage. (PROSE: The Taint)

As a child, Fitz visited Brighton and Weymouth on several occasions. (PROSE: The Fall of Yquatine) He often faced bullying by other children due to his father's German origin. (PROSE: The Taint) When he was a child, he used to pretend to be Dick Barton: Special Agent. (PROSE: EarthWorld)

At the age of eight, Fitz visited the seaside with his mother and fell off a wall, spraining his ankle. (PROSE: Vanishing Point)

At age fourteen, Fitz kicked a football into George Cullen's dad's greenhouse. (PROSE: Frontier Worlds)

Before meeting the Doctor and Sam Jones, he worked in a florist's shop and lived in a small third floor flat in Archway. (PROSE: The Taint)

Early travels with the Doctor Edit

In 1963, the Doctor and Sam arrived in London, and the Doctor met Fitz at the florist shop, seeing through his faux French accent. After a crazed individual entered the shop, Fitz asked Sam out on a date, and she agreed. On their date, they were attacked; one of Fitz's friends was murdered, and he took the injured Sam back to his flat. There he tried to seduce her by lying in the bed next to her nude. This backfired when she woke up in the morning, and stormed out.

Later that day, Fitz was approached by the police, and he fled. Ending up at the hospital in which his mother was being experimented upon, he was pulled into an adventure that resulted in his mother's death. In the aftermath, with Fitz now a fugitive and grieving, the Doctor took pity on him and invited him onto the TARDIS, much to Sam's chagrin. (PROSE: The Taint)

Fitz spent two years in China in the late 1960s, where he was brainwashed by the Communist party. The brainwashing wore off once he returned to England and encountered the Doctor again. (PROSE: Revolution Man)

In San Francisco, 2002, Fitz worked as a paranormal investigator for the Doctor whilst investigating Griffin the Unnaturalist. He had sex with a dark-haired version of Sam during this period. (PROSE: Unnatural History)

Death and "re-remembering" Edit

When the Doctor, Sam and Fitz landed on Earth in 1996, three or four distinct iterations of Fitz Kreiner were brought into existence. Fitz was placed in the Cold by the United Nations in 1996 in Geneva and removed from it in 2593 on Ordifica. Fitz decided since he was so far from the Doctor and his own time, he would become an agent of Faction Paradox. (PROSE: Interference - Book One)

On joining the Faction Paradox, Fitz and the other survivors of Ordifica were taken back in time. They were placed on Anathema by the Faction Paradox to become their troops, the Remote. Fitz joined their society without actually becoming a part of it in the literal sense. While on Anathema, he contemplated suicide. He joined the Faction Paradox and was indoctrinated into its ranks.

Before leaving Anathema, Fitz placed his memories in a Remembrance Tank. It moulded a replica of him out of biomass so his memories and personality would live on in the Anathema. (PROSE: Interference - Book Two) The original Fitz eventually became Father Kreiner. (PROSE: The Ancestor Cell)

Fitz, or rather the re-remembered version of Fitz, lived on Anathema for over five hundred years on their journey towards Earth. The re-remembered version of Fitz became Kode, who came to Earth selling the Cold with Compassion and Guest.

The Doctor recognised elements of Fitz's personality in Kode and offered to use the TARDIS's telepathic circuits to re-remember Kode as the Fitz who had joined the Doctor in 1963 and as the man he had been when the TARDIS had lost contact with him, recreating Fitz based on both the Doctor's and the TARDIS's perceptions of who he had been. (PROSE: Interference - Book Two)

The fall of Gallifrey and further travels Edit

Fitz travelled with the Doctor and Compassion to Gallifrey, where he tried to prevent Faction Paradox from invading, during which he also encountered the "original" Fitz — now known as Father Kreiner — before Grandfather Paradox killed him. Gallifrey was destroyed by the Doctor and Fitz was picked up by Compassion and deposited on Earth to meet the Doctor in 2001. (PROSE: The Ancestor Cell)

Meeting the Doctor in 2001, Fitz discovered that the Doctor had no memory of him or any of his previous adventures. Still on Earth, Fitz and the Doctor defeated an invasion by the Kulan, in addition to gaining a new travelling companion, Anji Kapoor. (PROSE: Escape Velocity) After meeting Father Kreiner, Fitz briefly suffered an identity crisis, but was eventually able to reconcile his issues with his existence, concluding that he was still fundamentally Fitz. (PROSE: EarthWorld)

After Anji drank some Bactrian cocktails, she remained in the TARDIS whilst Fitz and the Doctor shared an adventure on Entusso. In order to collapse the corrupt Alien Defence Incorporated, who were using the Doctor's image to advertise their company, Fitz claimed that between the Doctor and him, Fitz was the real hero. This removed any validation for the company. Shortly after, Entusso came under attack by Skarpok and his species. Believing that Fitz was a hero, Skarpok attacked him. Fitz used a Bactrian cocktail to defeat the creature, and subsequently became the avatar of ADI's advertisement campaign. (AUDIO: Fitz's Story)

Fitz left the Doctor for a time on Earth in 1894, wanting to strike out on his own rather than being the perpetual sidekick. He went on an expedition to Siberia with George Williamson. Several years later in the expedition, Fitz once again encountered the Doctor, and became part of Sabbath's plot to erase every parallel universe. (PROSE: Time Zero)

Fitz helped the Doctor to uncover the truth behind Old Man Crawley. (PROSE: The Deadstone Memorial)

Some of Fitz's memory after the destruction of Gallifrey had been destroyed, but to a far lesser degree than the Doctor's. (PROSE: Escape Velocity) Fitz soon regained his memories but never told the Doctor; the Doctor wanted to move on from his previous life. (PROSE: Halflife) Fitz developed a relationship with fellow companion Trix and planned to leave the Doctor after the Vore were defeated. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

At some point after leaving the Doctor, Fitz was recruited by Iris Wildthyme to help negate a timeline created by Spiritus Mundi. (PROSE: Only Living Girls)

Personality Edit

Pre-re-remembering Edit

Fitz thought most people stupid and would tell tall tales like J. R. R. Tolkien having been born between "R.J Tolkien" and a prostitute called Frodo.

When Sam had been attacked and was unconscious, Fitz brought her safely back to his home. He also stole her money, intending to claim her attackers had stolen it. (PROSE: The Taint)

Fitz suffered from a bit of the "comic book" syndrome; he thought that he was special only if someone noticed. (PROSE: Demontage)

He also liked to play the character of various fictional characters from movies and novels, such as James Bond. (PROSE: Revolution Man)

Fitz slept with a dark haired Samantha Jones. (PROSE: Unnatural History)

Post-re-remembering Edit

After re-remembering by the TARDIS, Fitz seemed more at ease with himself, more attuned to the ways of the TARDIS and travelling through time.

Fitz enjoyed tea, and sorely missed the TARDIS's supply of tea when it was thought to be destroyed in the dimensional barriers between Avalon and Earth. (PROSE: The Fall of Yquatine)

Following the Doctor's hundred years trapped on Earth, Fitz knew more about the TARDIS and the Doctor's life than the Doctor himself. He demonstrated an affinity with the TARDIS in keeping things (such as the Doctor's memories) from the Doctor. (PROSE: Escape Velocity, EarthWorld, Trading Futures)

He had an affinity for forming friendships, first with Sam and then the Doctor, and later (although they were reluctant to admit it) Compassion and Anji.

Over time he developed a number of Doctorish traits, such as taking the lead in investigations into the unknown and taking great pride in providing expert commentary, as well as a love of travel.

He described the Doctor as being a pain, but admitted missing him when he wasn't there. Fitz did not completely trust the Doctor, believing that he could have stolen the body of Richard Harries from Banquo Manor. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

Appearance and habits Edit

Fitz had a thin face, large grey eyes and long hair. (PROSE: The Fall of Yquatine) He was described by Hilary Pink as shifty-eyed, and that he had the look of having experienced several lifetimes. (PROSE: Eater of Wasps)

Fitz donned a leopardskin suit with snakeskin shoes whilst in Las Vegas. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen) He once wore a wide-brimmed hat like the Doctor. (PROSE: Camera Obscura)

Fitz smoked a lot of cigarettes and drank just as much. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

External links Edit

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