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Five Twenty-Nine was the second full cast audio story in the second series of The Diary of River Song, released in December 2016 by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary Edit

River has made a terrible discovery.

Billions of lives hang in the balance. But if she can save just a few, then it might just help her solve the conundrum of Earth’s destruction.

But how can she win when survival becomes a race against time itself? A race against Five Twenty-Nine?

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Technology Edit

  • Rachel is a synthetic. She mentions to River that most people perceive her as strange due to the uncanny valley.
  • Synthetics/androids are all the rage on the mainland.
  • River uses her sonic screwdriver to upgrade Godbold's motor on his boat so that it can run forever.

Food and Drink Edit

  • Lisa opens champagne to celebrate their last meal.
  • Rachel is able to drink water.

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