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Fixing a Hole was the sixteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Past Tense. It was written by Samantha Baker. It featured the Sixth Doctor and Tegan Jovanka. A sequel to the televised segment A Fix with Sontarans, this story featured a serious epilogue to the otherwise camp fourth-wall breaking special, as Tegan and the Doctor once again prepare to part ways.

The title Fixing a Hole can be seen as both an in-universe reference to the emotional gap in-between the Doctor and Tegan following her final television story and as a real-world reference to the narrative gap between A Fix with Sontarans and following stories which do not feature Tegan and the Sixth Doctor travelling together.

Summary Edit

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Characters Edit

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The Doctor Edit

  • The Doctor wears a blue cloak.

Notes Edit

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