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Flashback was a Seventh Doctor comic story printed in DWMS Winter 1992.

Summary Edit

The Seventh Doctor gives Benny a lesson in Gallifreyan history using a 3-D holo-simulation. They watch as Magnus attempts to drain the power from a huge sphere of Artron energy which has been brought back from the Time Vortex. Magnus is strongly opposed by his former friend Theta Sigma who, when it is revealed the Artron energy is alive, uses a Chancellery Guard's gun to end the draining and set the energy being free.

The holo-simulation ends. The Doctor says Theta was commended by the High Council for his actions; Magnus never forgave him and the friendship between the two was ended forever. Then he says that it has been enough ancient history for one day; the past will always be there, but he far prefers the future.

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References Edit

  • Artron energy is a primary power source of a TARDIS.
  • Travel into Gallifrey's own past is strictly banned by the Time Lords.

Notes Edit

  • The TARDIS' 3-D Holo-Simulation suite is a direct "borrow" from Star Trek: The Next Generation's holodeck. The Doctor even uses the same voice commands to operate it.
  • "Theta" in this story is the First Doctor, before he left Gallifrey.

Continuity Edit

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