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Flinthair as a Werewolf

Flinthair as a werewolf. (PROSE: Loop the Loup)

Flinthair was a shepherd and hunter who lived in a village near Lake Garda in 3300 BC. He had been attacked by a "wolf demon" which he had killed, but became infected by it. A month later his brother was killed by what Flinthair believed was the same demon. He took his brother's body home, where the other villagers accused him of being the demon and exiled him. Flinthair vowed to track down the demon and kill it, and when he saw the Second Doctor near the village he believed he had found his prey. The Doctor convinced Flinthair to let him take him to the TARDIS, where he had been sheltering one of his sheep, only to find that it and its lamb had been brutally slaughtered. Flinthair recounted his past to the Doctor, then turned into a werewolf and attacked him, only to accidentally impale himself on one of his own arrows. He resumed human form upon his death. The Doctor took his body into the mountains, where it would be frozen in ice and eventually discovered by archaeologists. (PROSE: Loop the Loup)

Behind the scenes Edit

Although not explicitly stated, it's strongly implied that Flinthair is Ötzi the Iceman.

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