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Flower Power (comic story)

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Flower Power
Flower Power2
Doctor: Second Doctor
Companion(s): John and Gillian
Main enemy: The Cybermen
Main setting: Cyber-City, unnammed planet
Key crew
Release details
Printed in: TV Comic 832-836
Release date: 25 November - 23 December 1967
Reprinted in: Doctor Who Magazine 307
Format: Comic - 5 parts (10 pages)
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Flower Power was a TV Comic story featuring the Second Doctor, John and Gillian.

Summary Edit

On a planet filled with strange wild butterflies, the TARDIS travelers meet Professor Gnat, a zany butterfly collector. When the Doctor finds a dead cybermat, he knows the Cybermen are close but Gnat doesn't heed his warning and is captured and taken to a Cyber-City. The Doctor looks for more dead cybermats, deducing the flowers' odour is deadly to the Cybermen. Using the flowers they enter the city and free Gnat. Using a ray gun, the Doctor tunnels their way out, but causes a cave-in behind them. The Cybermen think they're dead. The travelers escape and head for the TARDIS while Cybermen fire at them and escape just as Gnat catches a butterfly for his collection.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • The Controller designs and produces masks to defend against the flowers.

Notes Edit

  • The Doctor is called Dr. Who in narration.

Continuity Edit

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