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The Folflower system was a solar system with at least five known planets: Folflower, Mayside, Riverville, Wystone and Humberville.

Circa the 26th century, the system became part of the Earth Empire and its planets became colony worlds. The system was very unusual amongst the Empire in having its own constitutional monarchy, based on Folflower.

In the late 29th century, the king of the system was Morrish a'Jethwa. He was regarded as a good ruler, but some resented the hereditary monarchy and wished for a more democratic leadership. On his death, a bloodless coup took place and republicans took over.

By the 30th century, after eighty years of the new government, quality of life in the system had degenerated and people began crying out for the monarchy to return. Caroline, Morrish's granddaughter, retrieved the royal torc from his grave and reclaimed the throne. (PROSE: The Graves of Mordane)

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