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For the Love of Lassie was a film in the Lassie series. It was playing at a cinema in Blackcastle in 1995, where the Fourth Doctor decided to watch it instead of Nightshade: The Motion Picture. The Fourth Doctor was able to trap Beep the Meep this film using a black light receiver. (COMIC: Star Beast II)

Despite being trapped, Beep was able to change the film to his advantage. He broke Lassie's legs and then saved the boy himself, pretending to be a teddy bear. He then asked for people to let him out of the film so they could be together forever. A copy of the film was kept at the Wrarth Institute, where it was viewed by a girl who decided to free Beep. Beep then killed her when she called him "snuggily-wuggily". (AUDIO: The Ratings War)

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