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The audio links on the front page have been out of date for a couple of months now, and there is no easy way of editing them. Can whoever is in charge of the front page, please update them so they are always current with the latest Big Finish releases. Thank you76.99.132.13talk to me 16:00, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

Whatcha mean "there's no easy way of editing them"? They're completely editable by any registered user. There's no one person in charge of them. All it takes is for you to create an account and you could edit them.
We protect the front page templates from editing by new and unregistered editors to prevent spam bots from taking over the front page. But this is a tiny and reasonable precaution — hardly something that creates a massive detour through wiki bureaucracy. Join up and you can help us!
czechout@fandom    16:05: Wed 21 Nov 2012

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