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Welcome to the archives for the site's oldest forum discussions!

The Panopticon archive is for archived matters of policy and procedure relating to the maintenance and development of this wiki.

The Reference desk archives is for archived questions about the Doctor Who universe or the real life people, places and things that help to create it.

The Howling archives are where past discussions from our spoiler-allowed area, The Howling, are housed.

The tech notes archives is for those announcements about code, technical matters and bugs. Our youngest board, these messages were originally posted between 2011 and 2012.

Beginning in mid-December 2012, threads in the new forum began being archived at a new discussion archive.



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May 1, 2012Tech notes archives05:14, December 12, 2012CzechOut
August 7, 2010Reference desk archives04:38, December 12, 2012CzechOut
August 7, 2010Panopticon archives17:07, December 3, 2012CzechOut
August 7, 2010The Howling archives18:50, June 21, 2017CzechOut

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