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Fourth Doctor

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Fourth Doctor
Main aliases: see list
Species: Time Lord
Affiliated with: UNIT
Place of origin: Gallifrey
First seen in: Planet of the Spiders
Appearances: see list
Main actor: Tom Baker
Other TV actors: Terry Walsh
Other voice actors: Jon Culshaw
Memorable moment
No Doctor I'm the Doctor! - Doctor Who - Robot - BBC03:49

No Doctor I'm the Doctor! - Doctor Who - Robot - BBC

Another memorable moment
Until we meet again Sarah - Sarah Jane leaves - The Hand of Fear - Doctor Who - BBC04:07

Until we meet again Sarah - Sarah Jane leaves - The Hand of Fear - Doctor Who - BBC

One more memorable moment
Would You Like a Jelly Baby? - Doctor Who - Robots of Death - BBC01:33

Would You Like a Jelly Baby? - Doctor Who - Robots of Death - BBC

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Doctor Who The Doctors Revisited - The Origin of The Iconic Scarf01:29

Doctor Who The Doctors Revisited - The Origin of The Iconic Scarf

"Begin the Big Adventure"
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Filled with wanderlust and a renewed curiosity towards exploring time and space, the Fourth Doctor left all ties of his previous incarnation's exile behind on Earth, setting off to travel the Cosmos. He initially travelled with Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, but Harry chose to remain on Earth when the opportunity arose. The Doctor and Sarah continued on their adventures until the Doctor was summoned to Gallifrey, necessitating that he leave Sarah Jane behind as humans were not allowed on Gallifrey.

After tangling with the Master on Gallifrey, he met and travelled with Leela of the Sevateem. During his travels with Leela, the Doctor gained a new companion in the robot dog, K9. Returning once more to Gallifrey to stop an invasion of Vardans, Leela and the original K9 stayed behind there.

On the White Guardian's orders, the Doctor began looking for the Key to Time with fellow Time Lady Romana and K9 Mark II. Once that search was concluded, the Doctor and Romana went on the run from the Black Guardian. Not long after, Romana regenerated into a new body and continued to travel with the Doctor and K9. When they attempted to answer a Gallifreyan summons, the trio accidentally passed into the smaller universe of E-Space.

During his travels in E-Space, the Doctor gained a new companion in the teenaged mathematical genius Adric. Romana and K9 stayed behind in E-Space as the Doctor and Adric departed for N-Space. There, they encountered a Trakenite princess named Nyssa and a human named Tegan. The foursome successfully prevented the destruction of the universe by the Master, but only at the cost of this incarnation's life.

Biography Edit

Near-miss Edit

The Third Doctor almost regenerated after he fell off a roof during a struggle with the Nurazh. The Nurazh attempted to take over the dying Doctor's mind, but was unable to cope with two different versions of the Doctor at the same time and perished, healing the Doctor back to his third incarnation. Jo Grant saw the Fourth Doctor long enough to describe him to the Third Doctor as being "all teeth and curls". (PROSE: The Touch of the Nurazh)

Post-regeneration Edit


The Doctor immediately after his third regeneration. (TV: Planet of the Spiders)

The Third Doctor's final death took place ten years after the radiation from the Great One's lair caused severe damage to his body. (PROSE: Love and War) He returned to Earth to end his time in the company of Sarah Jane and the Brigadier, and failed to regenerate due to the extreme damage, until K'anpo Rimpoche arrived and kick started the regeneration. (TV: Planet of the Spiders)

Four Reads Stolen Goods List

The Doctor reads a stolen goods list, noticing it includes all the parts to build a disintegrator gun. (TV: Robot)

Once he had regenerated, the Doctor suffered delirium, mumbling random things from his adventures, and was physically exhausted. He was put in sickbay, where medical officer Harry Sullivan kept watch on him. However, the Doctor managed to outwit him and get to his TARDIS to leave. Though he still had issues with situational awareness, the Doctor was asked by the Brigadier to help deal with the National Institute for Advanced Scientific Research and their K1 robot, which had gone insane from so many contradictory orders its programming should have prevented it from doing. The robot had also kidnapped Sarah Jane and killed its creator, Professor Kettlewell. Afterwards, he returned to travelling in his TARDIS, taking Sarah Jane and Harry with him, abandoning a UNIT dinner party at Buckingham Palace and leaving without telling the Brigadier. (TV: Robot)

Slipping away from UNIT HQ, the Doctor visited a planet colonised by the Mordee expedition, and encountered the colony ship's powerful computer, Xoanon, which he repaired from damage it sustained, accidentally imprinted his own mind on the computer, leaving it with multiple personalities. (TV: The Face of Evil)

Early adventures Edit

Wanting to make changes in the TARDIS, the Doctor constructed an Oscillating Reverberator Unit. However, he ended up transporting Sarah and Harry onto a galleon in space, where they were taken hostage by space pirates. The Doctor managed to land the TARDIS before his companions were thrown into space. (COMIC: Avast There!)

The Doctor next travelled to a living planet and encountered giant spiders, (COMIC: The Psychic Jungle) visited Neuronic space and saved his friends from Skizos, (COMIC: Neuronic Nightmare) defeated the reptilian Zanons on Zoto in the 41st century, (PROSE: Cyclone Terror) investigated a Time Cube called "Crystal Z" in the American desert, (PROSE: The Time Snatch) and saved a group of charming cats in the Psykos system from an invasion force. (PROSE: Menace on Metalupiter)

Soon after, the Doctor, Sarah, Harry and Professor Vittorio Levi were taken prisoner on Aquatica by the Medusians, who wanted the TARDIS. Escaping, the Doctor and his trio of friends met the Phyllosians, the sworn enemy of the Medusian and their kingdom's rival. Embroiled into a war between two kingdoms, the Doctor negotiated peace, and he and his companions decided to spend a number of months on Aquatica before returning to Earth. (PROSE: War on Aquatica)

Trapped on the moon of Axa, the Doctor's body was stolen by Rascla, the twisted master of the planet Torm, who intended to unleash a virus onto Miltra B and leave it's galaxy vulnerable to attack. Whilst Rascle made plans to dominate the galaxy, the Doctor had secretly taken over Sarah Jane's mind, who, along with Harry, had been hypnotised into helping Rascla. The Doctor endured a brutal psychic duel with Rascla, and Rascle's spirit was destroyed, enabling the Doctor to reclaim his body and make sure Miltra B's galaxy was protected. (COMIC: The Body Snatcher)

Intending to take Sarah and Harry to Phenolyadron, the Doctor was puzzled when the TARDIS was diverted to the planet Peugross in the 37th century. Whilst there, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry discovered a human crew from Earth had mutated into Eye-Spiders, and were commanded by the Doctor's old friend, Xerxes Periopolos. The Doctor reversed the mutation and repaired the rocket, so that the crew could return to Earth. (PROSE: The Eye-Spiders of Pergross)

The Doctor accidentally landed the TARDIS in a swamp on Diamedes, where he meet the gentle, dim-witted Slodes and saved them from swamp creatures. (PROSE: Detour to Diamedes)

During another trip into space, Sarah Jane was kidnapped by the Verulan, and the Doctor and Harry travelled to Earth, which the Verulans had planned to attack, and sought refuge at the home of Geoff Sinton and his family. The Doctor used the Sinton's TV to make contact with the Verulan war marshal, Kathnor. He tricked Kathnor into releasing Sarah, and later destroyed the Verulan ship once Sarah had escaped in the escape pod. (PROSE: The Last Broadcast)

The Nerva Beacon Edit

Headache Nerva Beacon

Recovering from a stun gun pulse, the Doctor remembers he was cut off while saying something important. (TV: The Ark in Space)

Due to Harry's inadvertent interference with the helmic regulator, the TARDIS landed on Space Station Nerva, where humanity had been cryogenically suspended to await Earth's recovery from solar flares. There, the Wirrn wished to use the humans as food and incubators for their kind after the human race had destroyed their breeding colonies throughout Andromeda in a thousand-year battle with them, sending them into space. Unable to reproduce without terrestrial colonies, they sent their queen to the Ark, who birthed several larvae before she died from the Nerva Beacon's 500,000-volt auto-guard. The larvae began to feast on humans, absorbing their knowledge and their bodies. Luckily, Noah, a human converted in a Wirrn, retained his humanity and tricked the Wirrn into a suicide. Afterwards, on behalf of the space station, the Doctor went down to Earth with Harry and Sarah Jane to fix the transmat relay, leaving the TARDIS on the station, while Vira, the station's first medtech, tended to waking the rest of her crew from their long sleep. (TV: The Ark in Space)

Once on Earth, they found the Sontaran Styre conducting experiments on humans as a prelude to an invasion. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Doctor was accused of murdering a GalSec officer among a crew who had been lured to the Earth and slowly picked off by Styre. After escaping them, he rescued Sarah from an experiment where her inner fears were used against her. Styre appeared to fatally shoot the Doctor as he fled, but the Doctor had nicked a piece of the Nerva's synestic locking system, which guarded him from injury.

Four exercises brinkmanship on Sontaran Marshal

The Doctor deters a Sontaran invasion, relying purely on brinkmanship. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment)

Knowing a Sontaran would not refuse an opportunity to engage in mortal combat, the Doctor returned and challenged Styre to a duel. This wore him out and bought Harry enough time to remove a piece of Styre's ship that nurtured him with energy, reversing the ship's life-sustaining function. Standing too close to his ship as it started to pull energy out of the nearby area, Styre died gruesomely, shriveling away into a lifeless heap of crumpled body tissues. What remained of him was then blown to dust when his sabotaged ship overloaded from the unstoppable energy drain and went up in an explosion. The Doctor went on to address the Marshall who had sent Styre to Earth. The Doctor defeated his plans by bluffing the Marshall to call off his attack, allowing the resettlement of Earth to proceed, and transmatted with his companions back to the space station to retrieve the TARDIS. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment)

Intercepting their transmat beam, the Time Lord Valyes appeared to the Doctor and forced him to undertake a mission on their behalf: prevent the creation of the Daleks or induce the Daleks to develop into less aggressive creatures. Valyes also gave the Doctor a time ring, which he could use to get back to his TARDIS. Upon his arrival on Skaro, the Doctor was caught up in a war between the Kaleds and Thals, being taken prisoner by the former with Harry. While being questioned, the Doctor met the creator of the Daleks, a mad but intelligent scientist named Davros attempting to genetically engineer the Kaleds as the effects of their weapons caused them to mutate, seeking to evolve their mutations into a final, perfect form. Despite respecting each other as scientists, the Doctor was unable to convince Davros to change the Daleks into better creatures.

The Power to End All Life - Genesis of the Daleks - Doctor Who - BBC03:01

The Power to End All Life - Genesis of the Daleks - Doctor Who - BBC

The Doctor learns Davros's genius conceals an all-consuming madness. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

When he revealed he knew of several defeats of the Daleks in the future due to faults in their design, the Doctor was forced to tell Davros of each failure the Daleks suffered, so that he could prevent them. Attempting to gauge the extent of his insanity, the Doctor posed a question to Davros, asking him what he would do if he possessed the power to end all other life. Davros's revolting answer horrified the Doctor, tempting him to cut off the crippled Kaled's life supports as a last resort of stopping his plans. Escaping, the Doctor destroyed Davros' recording of the foreknowledge, thus keeping the future from changing for the worse. Unfortunately for him, his actions only briefly impaired Davros, setting in motion the rise of a new archenemy in his own personal future.

Fourth Doctor Genesis Two Wires

The Doctor nearly averts the creation of the Daleks. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

The Doctor found little other option left than to ensure the Daleks would never exist, and had the opportunity to blow up the stock of embryonic Daleks Davros had produced. However, the Doctor questioned if he had the right to destroy the Daleks, knowing that wiping out an entire species would make him just like them, and the fear of the Dalek had caused many worlds to ally with each other. With this in mind, the Doctor allowed the Dalek species to persist, and chose to stall their rise to power instead. Failing to listen to the Doctor's warnings, Davros found his own creations usurping him. Because they were programmed to never acknowledge any creature as superior to the Dalek, they deemed him unworthy to rule them. Fleeing after the Daleks turned on Davros, the Doctor buried them and their factory underground, delaying their progression by a thousand years. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

After departing from Skaro, the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry became scattered across the Adelphine Cluster due to temporal disruption interfering with the time ring. However, they were eventually united by the interventions of the Time Lords, who also provided them with a new time ring. (PROSE: A Device of Death)

Using the time ring, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry set off for Space Station Nerva. But instead, they arrived on the Desolii, a famous ghost ship, where they encountered friendly robots, miscroscopic psychiatrists and ghosts. (PROSE: The Last Thing You Ever See)

Cyber-Leader vs the Doctor

The Doctor meets the Cyber-leader. (TV: Revenge of the Cybermen)

Finally reaching Space Station Nerva, the Doctor, Harry, and Sarah Jane found their arrival on the station was earlier in its time line, when it orbited Jupiter. The TARDIS was travelling back through time to them, leaving them stranded until it arrived. While waiting for it to arrive, the Doctor became involved with stopping a Cyberman attack on Voga, the planet of gold, to keep the resource of their major weakness to a minimum. The Doctor ultimately stopped them from blowing up the planet, defeating them once more. Finally reunited with the TARDIS, the Doctor received a call for help from the Brigadier via a space-time telegraph. (TV: Revenge of the Cybermen)

With the TARDIS still recovering from solar flare radiation, the Doctor took Sarah and Harry to 24th century Prague, where they visited a museum and discovered a dead body in one of the exhibits. The Doctor was accused of murder, but persuaded the police to allow him to take over the investigation. He and his two friends discovered nanoprobes had been in-bedded into the city, and further investigating soon led him to the killer. (PROSE: Nanomorphosis)

While answering the Brigadier's distress call, they lost Harry in a Somerset wood in 1936, where he was reunited with the amnesiac Eighth Doctor, while the Fourth Doctor and Sarah found Harry's grave and went to investigate what happened to him. Finally reunited with the others, Harry never knew about the identity of the Eighth Doctor. (PROSE: Wolfsbane)

TARDIS in the woods cropped

The Doctor returns to his TARDIS after tackling the Zygons. (TV: Terror of the Zygons)

Upon arrival on Earth, the Doctor discovered that an alien race known as the Zygons were planning to use a Skarasen to attack London. By giving the creature the trilanic activator used to control is movement, the Doctor prevented the destruction. Harry chose to leave the TARDIS and find a move conventional means of transportation, while the Doctor managed to persuade Sarah to stay. (TV: Terror of the Zygons)

Walking in eternity Edit

The Doctor and Sarah Jane encountered anti-matter monsters on a planet in the far future. (TV: Planet of Evil)

The Doctor next took Sarah to the circus to watch a performance by the great P.T Barnum. However, they lost the TARDIS to circus performer Benjamin, who planned to use the time machine as a new magic act called "the wondrous box", accidentally transporting the time machine back to various points in the circus's past. The Doctor managed to bring Benjamin to the present, and regained his ship. (PROSE: The Wondrous Box)

Attempting to return to UNIT, the Doctor instead arrived at the right location in the wrong year, 1911. There he had to prevent the last of the Osirians, Sutekh, from escaping his prison in one of the Great Pyramids and destroying the Universe. Though unsuccessful in stopping Sutekh's release and his resulting travel to Mars, the Doctor was able to delay his teleportation to Earth for an accelerated four thousand years, thus ageing him to death. (TV: Pyramids of Mars)

During a brief trip to 1930s Chicago, the Doctor retrieved a new fluid link for his faulty TARDIS, and left soon after, unaware that his arch-enemy, the Master, had been scheming to cause chaos on Earth with the Godhead. (PROSE: The Duke of Dominoes)

The Doctor and Sarah Jane posed as Earth delegates on the planet Farrash, a dying planet that official Earth delegates took no interest in. During a public demonstration, the Doctor was separated from Sarah Jane and became caught up in a protest against "babykilling". The Doctor investigated and learned the Leader was sanctioning the abortion of foetuses in order to supply his scientists with the neurochemicals their experiments to save Farrash required. One scientist created a mechanical body who swiftly became a rogue robot and went on a killing spree. The robot fell through the ground and became trapped underneath civilisation. With the Leader killed, the Doctor encouraged the population to work together to find a way of saving Farrash, and left with Sarah Jane. (PROSE: Rights)

Eeny rhyme

The Doctor and Sarah outside the TARDIS. (TV: The Android Invasion)

Afterwards, the Doctor seemingly found himself in a town Sarah Jane had previously visited for a newspaper article. They ultimately found that it was a facsimile of the town, not even actually on Earth, populated by androids under the control of the Kraals. The Kraals' own world had become uninhabitable, leading them to plan on wiping out Earth's population with a virus, then populating the planet themselves; they even created an android copy of Sarah. Discovering his companion had been replaced, the Doctor found and rescued her. With the help of Harry Sullivan and UNIT, the Doctor was able to stop the aliens and rescue the townsfolk the Kraals replaced. (TV: The Android Invasion)

Attending another UNIT christmas party, the Doctor was unable to prevent a Voddod ship from crashing to Earth. Aided by Sarah Jane and Harry, the Doctor raced to find Brac, the crashed alien warrior, before UNIT troops found and killed him. (PROSE: UNIT Christmas Parties: Ships That Pass)


The Doctor and Morbius mindbending. (TV: The Brain of Morbius)

The Doctor next found his TARDIS forced to land on Karn by the Time Lords. There, he was tasked with preventing the resurrection of the evil Time Lord Morbius. Defeating him in litteral battle of the minds, the Doctor managed to reduce Morbius to a instinctive beast that tumbled off a cliff to his death. (TV: The Brain of Morbius)

When the TARDIS was diverted to a space station in the Milky Way, the Doctor came across an operation to build a fleet of TARDISes to conquer the galaxy, which was being mastered by the Daleks and a renegade Time Lord called Shazar. After briefly falling into a deep coma, the Doctor saved Sarah Jane from Shazar and broke his alliance with the Daleks. But Shazar later convinced the Time Lords that the Doctor had allied with the Daleks. After proving his innocence and destroying the Dalek space station, the Doctor had Shazar exiled. (COMIC: Return of the Daleks)

Wanting to learn first-hand about history, the Doctor became a taxi driver in London and met architect James Willaker and took him to dinner. He told James about his travels in time, and James inspired him to travel to the building the architect was then working on, Chase Manor. (PROSE: Only Connect)

The Doctor next visited Saxon Britain and lost the TARDIS to the Danes and their god, Woden. Aided by the Saxons, he fought off their invasion army and regained his TARDIS. (COMIC: Woden's Warriors)

On another mission for the Time Lords, the Doctor was sent to destroy a spacestation that held the Bendriggan's virus. However, he and Sarah were accused of murdering a messenger and sentenced to death by Admiral Cosmicon, the Bendriggan commander. The Doctor proved his innocence by sending a message in Time Lord logic to a Bendriggan code expert. But winning their trust was short-lived when many Bendriggan's became infected. After watching the Admiral die, the Doctor set the Bendriggan flaship on collision course with the spacestation, destroying them both and saving the remainder of the Bendriggan race. (COMIC: Virus)

At Sarah Jane's request, the Doctor posed as a hostile alien to teach Hiram Lutz a lesson when he refuses to donate money for a struggling disabled children's home. (COMIC: The Hoaxers)

The Doctor investigated an abandoned lighthouse in North Cornwall and discovered a gigantic lizard had been killing the local villagers. With no other option, the Doctor was forced to use a naval rocket to destroy it. (COMIC: The Tansbury Experiment)

Seedsofdoom The Doctor and Dunbar

The Doctor with Dunbar of the World Ecology Bureau. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

Visiting Chase Manor, the Doctor and Sarah encountered the Krynoids, who had taken control of the body of Harrison Chase, and planned to spread their seeds to take over Earth. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

Holidaying at the ruins of Phaester Osiris with Sarah, the Doctor was kidnapped by archeologist Edwin Carver, and stopped him and the cult of the Black Pyramid from awakening Horus, and he destroyed the Black Pyramid afterwards to prevent Horus from ever returning. (PROSE: Scarab of Death)

Arriving in 1998 London, the Doctor became involved with stopping the Voracians from using a computer virus that would make all technology sentient and rise up against humanity. He destroyed the virus and chased them off the planet. (PROSE: System Shock)

On Vona, the Doctor joined forces with his old friend, Olak, to break peace between two robotic armies, the Domos and the Yenge. (COMIC: The Rival Robots)


The Fourth Doctor explains Mandragora energy to Sarah. (TV: The Masque of Mandragora)

During a trip in space, the Doctor accidentally brought the Helix Intelligence to San Martino, Italy, in the 15th century, where it planned to dominate the human race by using the Brotherhood of Demnos as its agents. Because the agents had been converted into pure energy beings by the Helix, the Doctor tricked the Brotherhood's leader into using all his energy until he vanished. Using his mask and cloak, the Doctor masqueraded as him and used a device to drain the energy out of the rest of the Brotherhood, killing them and saving the Earth. (TV: The Masque of Mandragora)

Receiving another summoning from the Brigadier, the Doctor was forced to assist UNIT by investigating alien activities in the Channel Island. (PROSE: Hello Goodbye)

On Calderon IV, the Doctor became the target of a revenge attack by a bitter old man whom he opposed in his previous incarnation. (PROSE: The Android Maker of Calderon IV) Soon after, the Doctor rescued Piram, the lone survivor of a Lizardian space pirate attack and helped him take revenge on Skarnus, destroying a barren moon that he had turned into his base. (PROSE: Jackals of Space)

Whilst Christmas shopping in 1980s New Zealand, Sarah and many other shoppers were kidnapped, along with a large percentage of turkeys. Investigating, the Doctor discovered the Hazoodians were using turkeys to make alcohol. Realising humans were being kidnapped by accident, the Doctor returned all the kidnapped humans to Earth. (PROSE: Autaia Pipipi Pia)

The Doctor and Sarah spent nine weeks travelling to the beaches of Geshtinanna. During this time, they became trapped inside a "ghost TARDIS" which was travelling on a parallel course to their TARDIS. (PROSE: Eternity)

After landing near a manor house in 1764, the Doctor nearly drowned in a frozen lake while following giant cat footprints. He was rescued by Rector Adams, and decided to remain when he and Sarah saw a 20th century double decker bus in the woods. Adams invited them to accompany him to Lady Huntingdon's ball, where the Doctor was reunited with fellow Time Lord Iris Wildthyme and learnt the bus was actually her TARDIS. He discovered Iris intended to marry off her companion Turner to Lady Huntingdon's granddaughter Bella so that she would inherit the estate. When the Rector was killed by a giant animal, the Doctor discovered Huntingdon and Bella were actually shape shifting cat aliens who wanted to steal Iris' TARDIS. Bella turned against Huntingdon, and before Huntingdon could hijack Iris' TARDIS, the Doctor trapped her in a pocket dimension with the use of a Time Lord dimensional message capsule. Afterwards, the Doctor and Iris went their separate ways again. (PROSE: Old Flames)

Eldrad and the Doctor

The Doctor persuades Eldrad not to kill Professor Watson. (TV: The Hand of Fear)

The Doctor and Sarah landed in an English quarry where they were buried by an explosion. The Doctor emerged unscathed, but Sarah was taken ill and so he accompanied her to hospital. There, he discovered she had come into contact with a stone hand and, when Sarah stole this hand and fled, followed her to Nunton Experimental Complex. Her wearing of a ring brought under the control of Eldrad, a Kastrian scientist. The Doctor used a cooling duct to reach Sarah and brought her to her senses.

Eldrad restored herself using the reactor core. The Doctor agreed to take her back to Kastria, her homeworld, but only in the present, not one hundred and fifty million years earlier, in her home time, as this broke the Laws of Time. On Kastria, Eldrad was injured by an acid-laden booby trap, so the Doctor and Sarah had to conduct her to a regenerator chamber. There she was restored to her "true" male form. Eldrad discovered his people to be dead and asked the Doctor to return him to Earth so he could rule over humanity. Fleeing from him, the Doctor made use of his scarf, with Sarah holding the other end, to trip Eldrad, who fell into an abyss.

Back in his TARDIS, the Doctor received a telepathic summons from Gallifrey and was forced to leave Sarah behind as humans were not allowed. They both agreed they wouldn't forget one another. (TV: The Hand of Fear)

Return to Gallifrey Edit

Upon returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor tried to prevent the death of the Lord President, but was unsuccessful, and he was framed for his murder. The Doctor put off execution by announcing his own candidacy for Lord President, buying him enough time to discover that his arch-enemy, the degenerated Master was responsible. Defeating the Master, the Doctor left his former teacher, Borusa, to lead Gallifrey, (TV: The Deadly Assassin) though, the only candidate left, he was still eligible to gain the title of Lord President, even after leaving. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

Companionless Edit

Deciding it was best not to return to Earth for Sarah Jane, fearing he would have to watch her grow old and die. (TV: School Reunion) However, he did visit her to say a proper goodbye, quickly departing afterwards to protect her from any further heartbreak. (PROSE: Farewells)

The Doctor offering jelly babies

The Doctor offers Mr. Spock a Jelly baby. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

The Doctor arrived on Aprilia III in a parallel dimension, where he met Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy and Scotty. The group had been looking for a lost archaeological team, and had discovered the base. The Doctor offered them Jelly babies and used his sonic screwdriver to break the lock the group had been trying to open.

They discovered the researchers standing catatonically, with small cybernetic devices in their ears. Dr. McCoy began to remove the devices and revive the crew, but was interrupted by the arrival of a Cyber-Leader and two Cybermen. A firefight ensued, but the Starfleet phasers were ineffective against the Cybermen. The Doctor used the gold cover from Kirk's communicator to clog the Cybermen's respiration. After the Cybermen were defeated, the Doctor slipped away quietly. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

Mixed Metaphor

The Doctor and Shakespeare (PROSE: The Stranger, The Writer, His Wife and the Mixed Metaphor)

After this, he travelled to 16th century America and was hailed as a god by Taric, high priest of the Mandrans. (COMIC: The Sky Warrior) The Doctor next visited William Shakespeare and helped him draft Hamlet, as the famous playwriter had sprained his wrist. (PROSE: The Stranger, The Writer, His Wife and the Mixed Metaphor)

The Doctor accidentally awoke an army of Sea Devils, who launched an attack on a submarine in England. However, before the Doctor could move against them, he unexpectedly encounter the Third Doctor, who was also trying to stop the Sea Devils. Adopting a new identity to protect the timelines, the Doctor helped his previous incarnation to defeat the Sea Devils, and made a quick exit before his third incarnation could discover who he was. (COMIC: Under Pressure)

Whilst sleeping in the TARDIS, the Doctor became trapped in a dreamscape with a servant of the "Master of the Blackhole", which nearly destroyed his mind completely. (COMIC: Master of the Blackhole)

7 and 4

The Doctor meets his seventh incarnation. (COMIC: Under Pressure)

Soon after, the Doctor reunited with former companion, Liz Shaw. They had dinner and the Doctor took her aboard the TARDIS, and the pair travelled together for a short period of time. (PROSE: Down to Earth)

Summoned to Earth by Brigadier-Lethbridge Stewart's recall device, the irritated Doctor discovered UNIT was facing closure. He and the Brigadier attend a court hearing in New York to save the organization, but the Doctor was sidetracked when he discovered the Brigadier did not summon him to Earth. Investigating led him to the Museum of Art, and he was soon held at gunpoint by Robin Oemington, a former spy who blamed the Doctor for the downfall of his career. Robin was killed by police before he could kill the Doctor. However, the Doctor discovered Robin had constructed a bomb capable of blowing up the solar system, and that the deceased spy planned to frame him. The Doctor managed to defuse the bomb at the last moment and successfully secured a bright future for UNIT and the Brigadier. (PROSE: UNITed We Fall)

The Doctor spent a long period of time tracking down Jessica Willamy, who he had met in his second incarnation. He discovered she had been a fugitive for forty years, ever since their last meeting. In New England, he saved her from an assassin. (PROSE: Wonderland)

Going undercover at the construction of the Northern Line in 1930s London, the Doctor met Nicholas Clements and located an alien anomaly known as "Kappa 12" under Alexander Palace station. Aided by Nicholas, the Doctor stopped Kappa 12 and a trans-dimensional organisation called "The Union" from destroying Earth, Alpha and Temporalities Beta. (PROSE: The Northern Heights)

The Doctor was recruited by Charles Leyton, director of the Greater European Union's Intelligence Ministry, to investigate media mongul James Baron. On his mission, the Doctor was paired with Susan King, Baron's old flame. The pair discovered Baron had been smuggling weapons into the country. Going undercover at Baron's Enterprises, the Doctor foiled Baron's plan to seize control of Britain. But was later held at gunpoint by an unhinged Baron, which forced Susan to shoot him before he could kill the Doctor. (PROSE: The Baron Wastes)

The Doctor checked into a London hotel in 1910 and befriended a lift operator, Philip Fowler, who spoke of the king's death and had dark predictions of the future. Investigating, the Doctor discovered Fowler was an alien device to precipitate a revolution on Earth. (PROSE: In Case of Emergencies)

Visiting the wizarding land of Samarkand, the Doctor rescued Al Urd-Din from the pit, causing Al to assume that the Doctor was a magical being. The Doctor discovered the evil Vizier of Samarkand was plotting to marry Al's lover, and trapped him in a World of Shadows. (PROSE: The Nobility of Faith)

The Doctor worked alongside Harry Sullivan to return a peaceful alien home. But his plans were opposed by ruthless UNIT colonel, Dennis Horsely, who believed that the creature should be killed and experimented on. The Doctor and Harry prevented Horsely from capturing the alien and successfully returned it home. (PROSE: Mutiny)

Arriving in Bethlehem four years after Jesus's birth, the Doctor encountered a time-traveller known as the "Fourth Wise Man" and became trapped in a void inhabited by a god-like entity that wanted his brain. the Doctor completed a complex crossword puzzle, which led him to freedom. (PROSE: The Doctor's Cross Word)

Arriving on Earth during World War I to investigate a rip in the fabric of time, the Doctor discovered Lawrence Grainger, the father of his old friend, Edward Grainger, had been sent to single-handedly to battle an entire Turkish hoard by time-travelling film-maker, Jack Holbine. Realising that Lawrence's death could rewrite Edward and Humanity's bright future, the Doctor unwillingly joined forces with Jack to save Lawrence, ensuring Edward's future as one of history's greatest peacemakers was secured. (PROSE: Direct Action)

The Doctor next tracked down an object that could bring machines, such as vending machines, to life, assisted by a younger woman. (PROSE: My Hero)

A noble savage Edit


The Doctor fires a crossbow. (TV: The Face of Evil)

The Doctor returned to the planet colonised by the Mordee centuries before, where he found that he was remembered as an evil god by the descendants of the colonists. Descendants of the colonist's survey team had become a warrior tribe called the Sevateem, while descendants of the technicians had become a technologically advanced tribe called the Tesh. After the Doctor cured the computer, one of the Sevateem, Leela, forced her way into the TARDIS, becoming his new companion. (TV: The Face of Evil)

Their first trip together brought them to a sandminer in the 23rd century. There, the Doctor and Leela were accused of killing members of the crew, and taken prisoner. They later discovered a madman named Taren Capel was murdering the crew, hoping to help his robot "brethren" rule humanity. However, the Doctor turned Capel's reprogramming of the robots against him by using helium gas to make his voice unrecognisable to them, leading to his death. (TV: The Robots of Death)

Four and Litefoot in a boat

Armed with "the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England", the Doctor and George Litefoot explore London's waterways. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang)

The Doctor brought Leela to Victorian London and the pair encountered the magician Li H'sen Chang and his master, the self-styled Weng-Chiang, who was actually the 51st century criminal Magnus Greel. With the help of Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot, the Doctor was able to stop Greel from using a failed time machine that would have destroyed reality, but when the attempt happened without a crucial part, Greel was caught in an explosion. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang) After saying goodbye to Jago and Litefoot, the Doctor followed a distress signal that took him back to the Nerva Beacon, where he defeated Lord Jack Corrigan. (AUDIO: Destination: Nerva)

To further Leela's education, the Doctor travelled to the Moravanian Museum on Moravania Minor, where they battled Reginald Harcourt, (AUDIO: The Renaissance Man) and Roman Britain, 60 AD, where they met Boudica during her battle with the Romans. (AUDIO: The Wrath of the Iceni)

Intending to take Leela to 2015, the Doctor accidentally landed in London on 30 January 2025, where he allied with protestor Jack Coulson to destroy GlobeSphere Corporation, which had been infiltrated by the Daleks, who were plotting to force the Moon out of Earth's orbit, so that it would cause highly destructive floods and tectonic events that would ultimately engulf the human race. But the Doctor once again stopped his old foes. (AUDIO: Energy of the Daleks)

4 and Leela light at the end

Leela and the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Light at the End)

At some point during his travels with Leela, the Doctor and Leela met the Eighth Doctor's companion Charley Pollard aboard the TARDIS. As the Eighth Doctor had never told her of regeneration, Charley was at first sceptical of the Fourth Doctor's claim to be the Doctor but was soon convinced. As he had detected temporal disturbances in the Time Vortex, the Fourth Doctor realised that Charley must be one of his companions from the future. When she asked how he knew this, he told her that if she was one of his previous companions, he would be able to recognise to her. He soon came to believe that Charley was very clever. He later met the Eighth Doctor himself and got along well with him. He also briefly met his fifth, sixth and seventh incarnations. Upon seeing the Sixth Doctor's coat, he wondered how he could ever end up with such a terrible sense of fashion. He also commented that the Eighth Doctor's Wild Bill Hickok outfit was not much better. The Sixth Doctor was able to bring the eight versions of the Doctor together, using the dimensional stabilizer on the TARDIS owned by the Time Lord Straxus, and together the Doctors stopped the reality bomb from going off. Afterwards, the First Doctor turned off the automatic distress actions, which had brought all of the doctors to the pocket dimension and had triggered the TARDIS' destruction, making it so none of that had happened.

The Doctor and Leela then visited Bob Dovie at 59A Barnsfield Crescent in Totton, Hampshire on 23 November 1963. (AUDIO: The Light at the End)

The Doctor spent a few days in New York in 1856, discussing philosophy and literature with intelligent men. Preparing to leave, the Doctor was persuaded by Leela to attend a seance conducted by the Fox sisters, who summoned the spirit of Neeva, the Sevateem's shaman. (COMIC: Shamans)

The Doctor and Leela went to Derbyshire in 1979, where they discovered the Master was trying to exploit an alien worm, who had the ability to generate wormholes. While the Doctor was trying to save the worm, the Master generated a lightning storm which caused the worm to create a wormhole. (AUDIO: Trail of the White Worm) The wormhole led to Oseidon, where the Master had arranged to help the Kraals invade Earth. However, with the assistance of a robotic duplicate of the Master, the Doctor discovered the Master's true intentions, which was to use the connection between Earth and Oseidon to generate ZO radiation, as a means of rejuvenating himself. But the Doctor, Leela and UNIT managed to defeat the Kraal invason, and stop the Master's real plan, by using the android duplicate to kidnap the Master. (AUDIO: The Oseidon Adventure)

The Doctor and Leela went to Mount McKerry, St. Alban on 5 June 2014, where they encountered the Stormcrow terrorising a local observatory. (AUDIO: Night of the Stormcrow) The Doctor later took Leela on holiday on the planet Shontaa, where they battled two Zygons who were engaged in a bitter feud. (COMIC: Rest and Re-Creation)

The Doctor next visited Joshua Douglas and his family, where he re-encountered the imprisoned emperor of the Z'nai, whom he had contained long ago. The emperor hoped to find an antidote for the plague which Douglas had released to destroy his people. Douglas' daughter freed the emperor, sparking a resurgence of the Z'nai empire. For an unknown reason, Leela became the virus' vector, infecting the Z'nai with it. She wiped out the Z'nai except for the emperor, whom the Doctor imprisoned again. (AUDIO: The Catalyst)

Another trip to the 20th century brought the Doctor and Leela to a lighthouse on Fang Rock. There, the Doctor discovered a Rutan who was planning to make use of the Earth's strategic placement in its race's war with the Sontarans. After all but he and Leela were killed by it, the Doctor destroyed the alien by blowing up the lighthouse. (TV: Horror of Fang Rock)

The Doctor and Leela next found themselves on a cyber-frontier world, encountering an army of half-converted Cybermen. Originally planning to help them retrieve a weapon to destroy invading Cybermen, the Doctor sent Leela to gather a resistance and gave the half-converted their emotions back: Colonel Joshua commited suicide after seeing what he had become, whilst the rest dedicated their lives to protecting the planet. (PROSE: One Bad Apple)

Adopting K9 Edit

Virus Invisable

The Doctor is infected by a virus. (TV: The Invisible Enemy)

The Doctor, having become the host of the Nucleus, travelled to the Bi-Al Foundation medical centre in the year 5000, where its Swarm spread further, infecting numerous others. The Nucleus brought itself out of the Doctor's body and into the macro world to hatch more young. The Doctor travelled to Titan Base, where a hive of Swarm lay. The Doctor mixed the oxygen canisters with the methane atmosphere of Titan, blowing up the base and killing the Swarm. While there, he brought along Professor Marius' robot dog, K9, to fight the Swarm-infected humans. Unable to return to Earth with K9, Marius gave the Doctor K9 as a gift. (TV: The Invisible Enemy)

Fourth Doctor imae of...

The Doctor encounters Fendahl. (TV: Image of the Fendahl)

Now with K9 and Leela alongside him, the Doctor traced the source of a time hole to a group of scientists experimenting on a mysterious skull called Eustace. Much to his horror, the Doctor discovered "Eustace" was actually the skull of a Fendahl Golden Core, responsible for creating humanity's darker side. Believing it could give them the power to rule the world, a cult used a scientist as a medium for "Eustace". The cult's plan backfired; the core simply began transforming them into Fendahl. A cultist commited suicide, preventing them from reaching the quota of 13 Fendahl. The Doctor blew up their base, killing the transformed humans. He later tossed the troublesome skull into a star to be rid of it and the evil posed by the Fendahl once and for all. (TV: Image of the Fendahl)

Returning to Prague in the 23rd century, the Doctor discovered a race of super-evolving dogs had taken over the city. Taken prisoner, the Doctor and his companions befriended Ben. Together with the citizens of Prague, they staged a rebellion against the dogs and rebuilt Prague to it's former glory. (PROSE: The Dogs of War)

Fourth Doctor greets Judoon

The Doctor says "Hello" to a Judoon that's about to attack him. (COMIC: Prisoners of Time)

The Doctor arrived on Agratis to see the Jewel of Fawton and eat a banquet. However, the Jewel had gone missing, and the Judoon had been called in to reclaim it. The Doctor went with his old friend, Provost Mason Vox, and Curator Frez to find Roget, who was suspected of taking the Jewel, while Leela and K9 distracted the Judoon. In the caverns of the Krytuk Valleys, where the Jewel was first discovered, the group discovered Roget. He had placed the Jewel, which was the hive mind for the native crystalline species, in its original place, and awoke the creatures. With the Jewel back with its rightful owners, the Judoon's search was called off. While Leela was feasting with the Judoon, Adam Mitchell kidnapped Leela and K9. (COMIC: Prisoners of Time)

Arriving at Megropolis One on Pluto in the far future, the Doctor learned of the Company responsible for over-taxing the populace. He then discovered that Ursurians had previously helped humanity move to Mars and then to Pluto for resources, but planned to leave them behind once Pluto was drained. He overthrew their representative, the Collector, and set up a better economy, trapping him in a jar; the true form of a Ursurian was "seaweed". (TV: The Sun Makers)

Reaching the edge of the universe, the Doctor met a species the Time Lords helped evolve, whose destruction of their own planet because of their advancement in evolution led to the Time Lords' non-interference policy. He helped them locate and rescue fellow descendants of their species, taking them a new planet where they could start a better life. While helping them, the Doctor battled against the Oracle, a machine that enslaved the secondary descendants with the aid robots. (TV: Underworld)

Whilst fishing on the terraforming Mars, the Doctor and his companions became caught in a terrorist attack, and the Doctor was mistaken for the leader of the Crimson Dawn, a eco-terrorist organisation. He discovered another organisation, Redpeace, had been working with a lone Ice Warrior to restore the Ice Warriors. After dealing with the rival organisations, the Doctor awoke the cryogenically frozen Ice Warriors on the moon of Phobos and restored the planet to their control. (PROSE: Crimson Dawn)

Noticing the unreliability of K9, the Doctor and Leela acquired the parts for K9 Mark II. (AUDIO: The Time Vampire)

Lord President of Gallifrey Edit


The Doctor wears the Crown of Rassilon. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

Returning once more to Gallifrey, and posing as vainglorious and power-mad, the Doctor sought and attained the office of Lord President from Borusa, who he had left in charge on his previous visit, as part of a scheme to save his home world from an invasion force of the Vardans. During his plan, he had Leela exiled from the Citadel so that she would gather a resistance force. He repelled the Vardans after successfully tricking them, and killed an advance party of Sontarans through traps he set for them when they infiltrated his TARDIS.

With his homeworld protected and Borusa once again in charge, the Doctor planned to resume his travels. But he learned Leela had fallen in love with a Gallifreyan guard called Andred and wished to remain with him; K9 likewise wished to stay with his "mistress". Though he seemed sad at first to lose both companions, the Doctor quickly pulled out a crate marked "K9 Mark II" from a storage area and grinned to himself. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

While he was connected to the Matrix, the Doctor gained knowledge of the Timewyrm. Realising he would forget this information, he left a time-delayed message in the TARDIS for himself as a warning. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Genesys)

After saving Gallifrey, the Doctor attended Clio fifth's birthday party and bought her a bag of jelly babies as a present. (PROSE: The Glass Princess)

Nest Cottage Edit

The Doctor took up sojourn in a cottage in Sussex called Nest Cottage in the 21st century.

The Doctor began to investigate a string of murders that were caused by stuffed animals. The animals came from a taxidermy factory, run by a passionate taxidermist called Percy Noggins. Upon meeting the Doctor, Percy sent a small army of stuffed animals to kill the Doctor, since he had deemed him a threat. The Doctor discovered the stuffed animals and Percy were being controlled by the Hornets, an alien race that wanted to take control of the Doctor's mind. The Doctor lured all the Hornets towards Nest Cottage, where the TARDIS' dimensional stabilisers put up a force shield to prevent them getting out and taking over the world. (AUDIO: The Stuff of Nightmares)

The Doctor later travelled to 1932 Cromer to investigate previous incursions of the Hornets on Earth, where he found a dancer called Ernestina Stott stealing some ballet shoes with the remains of feet inside them, owned by Fenella Wibbsey, curatress of the Cromer museum, both under the influence of the Hornets. Upon discovering the significance of the ballet shoes in his investigations, the Doctor learned they were the ballet shoes of a dancer called Francesca, just like Ernestina, and they were being used by the Hornets as a hive for their dormant swarm, which Mrs Wibbsey had been taking care of for years. The Hornets attempted to use Mrs Wibbsey to shrink the Doctor and Ernestina down, putting them inside a doll's house filled with deadly dolls animated by the Hornets, but the Doctor escaped and found a way to bring them back to normal.

After that the Hornets tried to occupy Ernestina's body, making her their new hive, but the Doctor stopped them by removing the ballet shoes before they could take full possession of her. He confiscated the doll's house and the ballet shoes and placed Mrs Wibbsey under his protection in Nest Cottage as his housekeeper and regularly mesmerised her to prevent the Hornets from taking over her mind. (AUDIO: The Dead Shoes)

However, the Doctor later discovered that Ernestina was still carrying the dormant Hornets inside her, who then made contact with her grandson, Percy Noggins, the taxidermist who cooperated with the Hornets in their scheme to control stuffed animals. (AUDIO: A Sting in the Tale)

The Doctor then travelled to 1832 Blandford to investigate the Circus of Delights, whose arrival coincided with disappearances in the village. During this trip to Blandford, the Doctor encountered a girl named Sally, whose father had prevented her from attending. He met Dr Adam Farrow, whose sister Francesca had run away with the Circus of Delights. Sally and Farrow accompanied the Doctor in his investigation of the circus, where the Doctor discovered that the Hornets were responsible for odd goings-on at the circus, led by the dwarf ringmaster, Antonio. It was discovered that the Hornets had been taking possession of members of the village, so they could feed off the negative emotions that the villagers produced, using the circus to draw more victims into their trap. Upon mesmerising the dwarf, the Doctor found out that Antonio had come into contact with the Hornets as a young boy, in Venice, 1768 when they came out of a blue box that had appeared from nowhere.

However, after the Doctor had extracted all the information he wanted from Antonio, the Hornets had completely left his body with the intent of making Francesca their new hive. The Doctor attempted to stop the Hornets occupying Francesca, but was unsuccessful, leading Francesca to cast herself off the high wire upon the command of her masters, killing her. After the Doctor's defeat of the Hornets in Blandford, the Doctor had taken the husk of Antonio back to Nest Cottage and placed a stasis field around it, and then used him as a garden gnome. The Doctor found out that the Hornets remained dormant in Francesca's dead body, which was stolen by Farrow and Sally. Eventually, her mummified feet and ballet shoes would make their way to the museum in Cromer. (AUDIO: The Circus of Doom)

The Doctor finally found the earliest infestation of the Hornets in the year 1039, in a nunnery in Northumbria, which was under siege by wild dogs, possessed by Hornets. Here, the Hornets met the Doctor for the first time (from their perspective). While there, the Doctor discovered that the Hornets had recently come to Earth, and were now looking for their lost Hornet Queen who had hidden in the body of a pig trapped in the nunnery.

They eventually achieved this and attempted to escape in the leading dog of the pack, but the Doctor tried to trap the Hornets in his TARDIS. While the Doctor was trying to retrieve the Hornets in the TARDIS, he eventually managed to confront them. He realised that they were unable to take possession of the nuns in Northumbria, because they couldn't inhabit the bodies of those who had consumed alcohol. The Hornets had managed to take possession of the Doctor, and piloted the TARDIS back to Earth, where they could escape. They escaped and encountered the younger Antonio in 1768.

The Doctor searched for the Hornets in Venice for days, but he later realised that he was responsible for the Hornets' contact with Antonio, who would eventually set up his Circus of Delights. The Doctor then took the wild dog back to Nest Cottage, where it became his dog, Captain. (AUDIO: A Sting in the Tale)

Doctor, Wibbsey, Yeates

The Doctor, Fenella Wibbsey, and Mike Yates during their travels together. (AUDIO: Starfall)

The Doctor put an advertisement in a magazine to invite Mike Yates into his investigation of these Hornets. During this time with Mike Yates, he mentioned his "recent escapades", including "giant rats", "killer robots" and "skulls from the dawn of time". After the stuffed animals in the Nest Cottage came alive and both Mike and the Doctor were forced to retreat into the cellar, the Doctor decided to keep him up to speed, by telling him about all his encounters with the Hornets. (AUDIO: The Stuff of Nightmares) However, the Doctor later claimed that he couldn't remember putting the advertisement in the magazine. (AUDIO: A Sting in the Tale)

The Doctor wanted to finally defeat the Hornets by neutralising their queen. Therefore, with the help of Mike Yates and Mrs Wibbsey, he used Francesca's ballet shoes and his TARDIS' dimensional stabiliser to shrink themselves, so they were able to enter the hive of the Hornets, which happened to be a stuffed zebra housing the Hornet Queen herself. During the expedition into the hive of the Hornets, Mike had become paranoid and suspicious of Mrs Wibbsey, leading to his handcuffing her and directing her to the centre of the hive, resulting in a confrontation with the Hornet Queen. It was during this confrontation that the Hornet Queen revealed she had taken possession of Mike.

It was this revelation that the Doctor realised that it must have been the control of the Hornets that forced him to put that advertisement in the magazine, using what knowledge she had taken from the Doctor's mind so she could draw Mike to Nest Cottage, believing him perfect to take control since he had so many negative experiences. Since the Hornets were no longer restrained by the force shield, they took their opportunity to return to the Hornet hive, so the Doctor threatened all the Hornets by burning the whole hive. However, the Doctor realised that he could use the Hornet Queen's desire for the Hornet's royal jelly that they produced against her. He achieved this by filling Francesca's ballet shoe with royal jelly, and the Queen, overcome with the desire for the jelly, drank it out of the shoe.

The Doctor used the residual energy of the Hornets in the shoe and the sonic screwdriver's connection to the dimensional stabiliser to shrink the Hornet Queen so small she could only exist in the micro-universe. This weakened the Hornets and gave the Doctor the opportunity to escape, so he could increase their size again. This allowed the Doctor to reactivate the dimensional stabiliser, so he could put a force shield around the hive to contain all the Hornets in the stuffed zebra, sending them to the other side of the universe. This gave the occupants of Nest Cottage the chance to celebrate Christmas the following day. (AUDIO: Hive of Horror)

A return to wandering Edit

Arriving in 1990s Tokyo on Christmas Eve, the Doctor celebrated Christmas in the Emperor's Garden with a member of the Divine, an ancient shapeshifter. (PROSE: Ode to Joy)

K9's finest hour

The Doctor praises K9. (COMIC: K9's Finest Hour)

When the TARDIS was caught in a tractor beam, K9 was kidnapped by Firandel and Rolgot, who were hired by the Sontarans to kidnap and kill the Doctor. The Doctor tracked K9 down, only to find that his dog had already defeated his kidnappers. (COMIC: K9's Finest Hour)

The Doctor and K9 later contacted a Space amoeba, who feeds on Time. Time began to reverse, causing the Doctor to drift back through his own past, meeting his third, second and first incarnations. The space amoeba took him back to when his first incarnation powered up his TARDIS. However, the two Doctors worked together, and moved time forwards, reducing the entity to a puddle on the TARDIS floor. (COMIC: Timeslip)

Falling through time without K9 or his TARDIS, the Doctor was transported to many places that tested his sanity to the limit. Escaping each trap, the Doctor discovered an entity, who resented him for his constant meddling in the affairs of the universe, was responsible for these events. The Doctor tricked the entity into condemning itself to a lifetime of insanity, which loosened the entity's control over him. (PROSE: The Fear)

In Scotland, the Doctor attempted to stop the testing of a sonic weapon on a satellite above Earth. But when his efforts failed, sound waves from the satellite resulted in animals and birds becoming wild beasts, which caused them to attack the whole world. Assisted by Colonel Higgs, who thought he was an alien spy, the Doctor launched an American missile at the satellite, which destroyed it and ending the animal aggravated sound. (COMIC: The Unheard Voice)

On the planet Koblos, the Doctor was put on trial by the Time wardens for crossing an illegal time-zone and sentenced to 250 years in prison. Whilst in prison, the Doctor discovered the trial had been set up by a corrupt Time Warden who wanted to sell his TARDIS in the black market. With K9's assistance, the Doctor escaped and stopped him. (PROSE: The Two-Timer)

During a visit to Neto, the Doctor defeated a monster that had hidden away inside his TARDIS ever since he was in his first incarnation. (COMIC: Stowaway)

K9 and Sharon Edit

The Dogs of Doom

The Doctor becomes a Werelok (COMIC: The Dogs of Doom)

After K9 was attacked by Wrarth Warriors, the Doctor allied with Sharon Davies to protect Beep the Meep against them. However, he discovered Beep had corrupted the Meeps, turning them from advanced creatures to savage beasts. Enraged that he had been tricked, the Doctor allied with Wrarth Sergeant Zogroth to entrap Beep. After this, the Doctor gained a new companion in Sharon, who accompanied him and K9 on their travels. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast)

After many adventures together, Sharon began a relationship with Vernor Allen and decided to start a new life with him, leaving the TARDIS. (COMIC: Dreamers of Death)

K9 and Oliver Edit

Whilst performing repair work on K9, the Doctor arrived on Earth in 2007 and reunited with former-companion, Oliver Day, who was suffering from amnesia, which caused him to temporarily lose his memory of his travels with the Doctor. After killing a monster, the Doctor took Oliver aboard the TARDIS as his latest companion. (PROSE: Attachments)

Arriving in an alien marketplace, the Doctor and Oliver met Gravkrom-Vey, owner of the monkrah fish in the universe. The Doctor discovered the Monkrah had been wiped out in a civil war with the Manicoll, who also began dying soon after the war had ended, so the Doctor and Oliver helped Gravkrom-Vey release the last Monkrah. (PROSE: Plight of the Monkrah)

Soon after, the Doctor and Oliver went on the trail of the Puppeteer, an evil creature who had followed Mankind's progression across the stars, and fed on the countless wars and conflicts of Earth. They followed him to Gondovan, where they met investigative archivist Annajin Valentine. Oliver fell under the Puppeteers control and tried to kill Anna. But the Doctor managed to free his mind, whilst Annajin killed the Puppeteer. Oliver, shaken by his experience on Gondovan, elected to stay behind with Annajin, leaving the Doctor to travel alone with his dog once again. (PROSE: Puppeteer)

The Doctor teamed up with all of his other incarnations to save Gallifrey from destruction at the end of the Last Great Time War. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Seeking the serpent's egg Edit

The Doctor returned to Nest Cottage a year later to celebrate Christmas with Mrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates and Captain (whom the Doctor gave to Mike to look after once the Hornets had been defeated). While he stayed in Nest Cottage, someone stole the Doctor's spatial geometer, leaving behind a bag with five objects as clues. The first one, the tile from a Roman mosaic, led the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey to Celtic Britain. They were taken by Celtic soldiers who believed them to be Druids, and wanted to use them to assassinate the wizard in a neighbouring village, who was threatening them.

They travelled to this village, and on the way found dead husks, drained of their life essence. In the village, the Roman Emperor Claudius was posing as the wizard, who desired to escape from Rome and the troubles of being emperor. During an attack by the Celts from the village, the Doctor managed to stop them from fighting by using a voicemail message of Mike Yates from the Nest Cottage telephone he had with him. After the battle ended, Claudius attempted to usher the Doctor inside the back reaches of his tent, but failed, and the Doctor escaped before the tent vanished, but not before removing the remains of his spatial geometer that Claudius had taken. (AUDIO: The Relics of Time)

Next, the Doctor found an altered version of a poster painted by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. This led the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey to Paris in the 1890s where Lautrec's concierge had tried to frame Lautrec as a murderer of street girls, by making him doubt his own sanity.

To do this, she slashed his paintings and killed Henri's muses and models, and stored their remains in his house, unbeknownst to him. With the help of Henri's muse, La Charlotte, they discovered the bodies and uncovered the truth of Henri's innocents. From this revelation, they found out that the murders were due to the action of Lautrec's concierge, in part to cover up his need to feed on those girls life force. In an attempt to lure the Doctor, the concierge kidnapped Lautrec and took him to a cemetery, where her dematerialisation chamber was.

The concierge almost captured the Doctor in his time craft, but the Doctor forced his way out. However, La Charlotte was killed before they all could escape. The Doctor then retrieved an other part of his spatial geometer that was left behind. (AUDIO: The Demon of Paris)

The third object - a storybook with images of the Doctor and Mike Yates in it - drew them to a cave in eastern Europe, where he met a story teller, Albert Tiermann on his way to tell his stories to the king. But the materialisation of his TARDIS caused a blockage in the road on his route to the king. They were all forced to remain in a near by hotel owned by Frau Herz until the morning. Albert had discovered the Doctor's copy of Albert's storybook, containing stories he hadn't written yet. Since he was suffering from mental block, and had to tell a new story to the king on pain of death, he had a desire to obtain the book.

That night, an Ice Queen whom Albert had previously met in his childhood visited him, and further persuaded him to take the storybook. The following morning, Albert's coachman had been killed, and in an attempt to take Frau Herz hostage, the Ice Queen killed Hans, Albert's footman. The Doctor pursued the Ice Queen to a cave nearby, full of dead husks drained of their life force, where Albert revealed that all his stories were created for him by the Ice Queen, in her elaborate plan to lure the Doctor here.

The Ice Queen returned to the hotel, and threatened to kill Mike. It was now revealed that the hotel was really the dematerialisation chamber, and was in disguise for 40 years, unbeknownst to Frau, all for this moment. Direct threats from the Ice Queen to Mike did not hold the Doctor, so he tricked the Ice Queen into believing he was going to accompany her, allowing Mike, Albert and Frau to escape.

Then, at the last minute, the Doctor escaped, leaving the Ice Queen empty-handed. But Mike had discovered more of the spatial geometer in the draws of the hotel. The Doctor deposited Albert and Frau near the king's palace, and allowed Albert to keep the storybook, and used it to write his stories in the future. (AUDIO: A Shard of Ice)

The Doctor ran into a trap in New York City in 1976. A meteorite landed in Central Park and bestowed super-powers to local resident Alice Trefusis. The Doctor investigated the comic book cover showing the event. When the Doctor, Mike and Mrs Wibbsey arrived, Alice was with Buddy, Alice's boyfriend. As soon as the Doctor arrived, he felt weak and drained of energy. Mrs Wibbsey and Buddy had taken a now unconcious Alice to the ageing film star Mimsy Loyne's apartment. Alice began to use her superpowers to combat crime and stop accidents, using the alias "Starfall."

While this was going on, Mike and the Doctor came upon a used dead body drained of energy, similar to the dead bodies from previous time zones. It was at the scene, where police arrested the Doctor and Mike, believing them to be involved in the death. However, while in prison, Alice rescued the Doctor and Mike, taking them to Mimsy's apartment. Buddy and Mrs Wibbsey then found a cult working in the apartment block, chanting around the final piece of the spatial geometer.

This was used to create a telepath debilitator to confuse the Doctor, causing his weakness. Mimsy captured the Doctor, but was foiled when Alice broke up the chanting cultists necessary for the debilitator. During the confrontation with Mimsy, the Doctor took the remaining spatial geometer component. In frustration, Mimsy kidnapped Mrs Wibbsey, outright. The Doctor informed Alice that her powers would fade, but Buddy still had inspiration for his new comic book story. (AUDIO: Starfall)

Following the last item - a golden heart pendant - the Doctor and Mike went straight to Sepulchre, which took the form of a stately home, where they found Mrs Wibbsey, who had been there for three weeks and seemed to be possessed by some intelligence. The Doctor brought the telephone from Nest Cottage, and listened to a voicemail left by Ernetina Stott, regarding the burning down of the Cromer Palace of Curios museum.

While they were exploring, the Doctor, Mike and Mrs Wibbsey found that their host, the Demon, no longer needing any disguises, sprang the trap on the Doctor, and transported them all to a dark cavern, using a mysterious green flame. He revealed he was actually working for Mrs Wibbsey, or rather, the Hornets that had regenerated inside of her, who had been present within her since their last encounter with them. The Demon locked the Doctor in a sarcophagus, and started the process to extract all of knowledge of space and time from the Doctor's mind, using it to create the Atlas of All Time for the Hornets.

Therefore, they could use it to locate their Hornet Queen. A quick turnabout by Mike Yates set Mrs Wibbsey in the sarcophagus instead, and the Atlas was reshaped only to contain Mrs Wibbsey's knowledge of time. The Doctor convinced the Demon to cooperate with him, and they reconfigured the sacrophagus' functions to transport anyone in it, to anywhere in the Atlas. Therefore, using what little remained of the Atlas, the Doctor transported the sacrophagus and the Hornets to the Cromer Palace of Curios, where it caused the museum to burn down with a green flame, quickly destroying the Hornets.

However, the Doctor was able to rescue Mrs Wibbsey, but with the loss of the Hornet, it caused the destruction of the Atlas and Sepulchre. The Doctor, Mike, and Mrs Wibbsey escaped in one direction, using the TARDIS to go to Nest Cottage, and the Demon escaped in another direction, free to roam the universe. While the Doctor, Mike and Mrs Wibbsey tried to celebrate a second Christmas at Nest Cottage, someone knocked on the door, and Mrs Wibbsey screamed as the unknown visitor tried to break in. (AUDIO: Sepulchre)

As they broke down the front door, it was revealed that they were Robotov robots, who were instructed to take the Doctor. When attempting to resist them, Mike was knocked unconscious, and the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey were captured by the robots and were transported to the far future by a wormhole. The Doctor was brought before the Tsarina, the wife of the Tsar, the figurehead of the Robotov Empire, an empire entirely ruled by sentient robots, and requested the Doctor help her three year-old son, Alex, the cyborg heir to the Robotov throne. The Tsarina believed that the Doctor was "Father Gregory," a former ally of the empire, but betrayed them to their enemies.

After improving Alex's condition, the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey were invited to a banquet with the Tsar and the Tsarina. However, it was interrupted by a raid instigated by enemies of the Robotovs, and they abducted Mrs Wibbsey. When she was taken to their base, she met the real Father Gregory, who looked exactly the same as the Doctor, and he revealed that he was the one who brought them to the future. However, the Doctor arrived to rescue Mrs Wibbsey, where he discovered that Gregory has allied himself with the Skishtari and during the raid, implanted a Skishtari egg in Alex's chest to be released at the heart of the Robotov Empire. However, realising the error of his ways, Gregory (who was the real father of Alex, after he had a child with the Tsarina) removed the egg from his chest, and saved Alex's life by transplanting his own heart for Alex's, which killed Gregory. Attempting to save Alex, he and his guardian, Boolin escaped in a shuttle with the egg, and travelled through the wormhole. Attempting to pursue them, the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey arrived back in Hexford, but in the year 1861. (AUDIO: Tsar Wars)

As they explored Hexford, they discovered that they arrived ten years after the shuttle arrived in Hexford, and the shuttle crash caused an accident which resulted in Boolin losing his memory, and Alex becoming facially disfigured. After the accident, Reverend Dobbs took care of them, making Boolin (calling himself Mr Bewley) his servant, and Alex (named Andrew) his ward. Eventually, Andrew discovered the Skishtari egg, and used it punish people who upset him.

When the Doctor found Andrew and Mr Bewley, Bewley began to remember his lost memories, and when he attempted to persuade Andrew to acknowledge his identity as an heir to an intergalactic empire, Andrew refused to believe it, and used the egg to consume Bewley. When Andrew ran away from them, the Doctor tried to pursue him and convince him to give up the egg. However, when Reverend Dobbs arrived, Andrew went into a rage and lost control of the egg, which consumed them all. (AUDIO: The Broken Crown)

When the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey awoke, they were in a vast cavern, where they came across a young man called Aladdin (who sounded like Andrew), who said he was sent into the cavern to uncover a magic lamp for a mysterious magician. As they all looked for the lamp, the chamber filled with gas and they fell asleep. When they awoke, the Doctor's scarf had vanished and they met the Magician (who looked like Mr Bewley). After further explorations, the Doctor became separated from the group. While exploring on his own, he found and his scarf had become animated and began to talk to him. He followed the scarf and rejoined with Mrs Wibbsey, Aladdin and the Magician, and they found the lamp. When Aladdin rubbed it, the Scarf emerged and allowed Aladdin three wishes. They scarf revealed that the situation they were in was a projection made by Andrew's mind to represent the quest for the Skishtari egg, and the characters were the victims consumed by the egg in Hexford. With the Doctor's assistance, Aladdin remembered his former life as Andrew, and wished to stop the projection, and be released from the egg back to Hexford. After arriving back in Hexford, the lamp turned into the egg, and Andrew wished, at the Doctor's request, that they travel to Christmas Day, 2010, the day they were taken by the Robotov robots. Reunited with his TARDIS, the Doctor took Bewley and Andrew into the future, back to the Robotov Empire, while Mrs Wibbsey remained at Nest Cottage. (AUDIO: Aladdin Time)

After a while, the Doctor arrived in Hexford several months after he left Mrs Wibbsey. When he returned, he found that Mike Yates, UNIT and his second incarnation had taken up residence there to investigate strange goings-on in the skies above Hexford. Upon arrival, a Skishtari spacecraft had appeared above Hexford, intent on retrieving the egg, which the Doctor had buried under Hexford in 1861. The Doctor also discovered that the Second Doctor had been assisting the Skishtari by planting alien trees which made Hexford invisible to the rest of the world. The Skishtari spacecraft began to remove Hexford from the ground, and drag it through a wormhole to the future. The Doctor attempted to use the TARDIS to prevent this, but failed, leaving the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey in the TARDIS, while everyone in Hexford had been taken to the future by the Skishtari. (AUDIO: The Hexford Invasion)

After spending several months locating Hexford through time and space, the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey arrived. Just as they arrived, the Robotov soldiers attempted to infiltrate Hexford, knowing it contained a Skishtari egg. However, the Second Doctor kidnapped Mrs Wibbsey, and took the Skishtari egg as it began to hatch. He took the egg to the Skishtari mothership, where he revealed that the Second Doctor was a clone created from the DNA that the Skishtari took from the Doctor after their last encounter, specifically designed to retrieve the egg. Suddenly, a man arrived, revealing that he is Alex, and is now the Tsar of the Robotov Empire. He attempted to pacify the creature in the Skishtari egg, since he was mentally linked with it when he lived in Hexford from ten years, and ordered the creature to kill the other Skishtari. After that, Alex took the Skishtari away with the Robotov invasion force, and both Doctors united to pilot the Skishtari ship, followed by Hexford, through the wormhole back to England, 2011. After depositing Mrs Wibbsey back in Nest Cottage, the Doctor disappeared in the TARDIS, for many more adventures. (AUDIO: Survivors in Space)

Quest for the Key to Time Edit


The Doctor and Romana. (TV: The Ribos Operation)

After completing repairs on K9, the Doctor was called upon by the White Guardian to find the Key to Time's pieces and assemble it to bring the universe into balance. For his quest, the Doctor was given a new companion by the guardian, a Time Lady named Romanadvoratrelundar, whom the Doctor decided to call Romana. Despite not being too fond of each other, they managed to find the first piece to the Key on Ribos, which was disguised as a piece of Jethrik two con artist were using in their schemes. (TV: The Ribos Operation)

They next tried finding a piece to the Key, but ended up caught in the middle of a revolution between the pirates, who were led by the Captain, and the psychically gifted, who grew in number each time their planet materialised over another for riches and resources. Defeating the Captain and his nurse, the Doctor revealed to Romana that one of the planets that was being held as a miniaturised trophy was the second piece. (TV: The Pirate Planet)

Stones title

The Doctor on a hyperspace craft. (TV: The Stones of Blood)

They next journeyed to Boscombe Moor, where they found the third piece as a necklace belonging to the intergalactic criminal Cessair of Diplos, who had been posing as an ordinary Earth woman for centuries; She had stolen the segment while it was the Great Seal of Diplos, and used its transformative powers to take on different forms. Entering a ship stuck in hyperspace above a stone circle, the Doctor found her thick-headed jailers and, as they did not know what she looked like, tricked them into identifying herself, and they imprisoned her in the form of a stone. The Doctor then sent them through hyperspace to their intended destination. (TV: The Stones of Blood)

While the Doctor and Romana searched for the Key, they were interrupted byan outside source emitting chronometric radiation that disrupted the tracer's ability to work, in the form of a chronometric pulse caused by a breach in the higher dimensions, (PROSE: Tomb of Valdemar) and then by a network of spatial teleportation paths created by a malfunctioning time cabinet intersecting with Earth's ley lines. (PROSE: The Shadow of Weng-Chiang) After these two encounters, the Doctor and Romana took a long break from searching for the Key. (PROSE: Heart of TARDIS)

The Doctor and Romana visited Prague, which allowed the Doctor to deal with unfinished business left over by his first incarnation. (PROSE: Life from Lifelessness)

Later, the Time Lords contacted him, telling him that they needed him to go on a mission. The Doctor, however, left them after relearning that the Brigadier was in danger, after he was captured by a terrorist group. The Doctor discovered an Avatar universe that had the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield trapped inside. Afterwards, they were forced to continue with the quest. (PROSE: Heart of TARDIS)

Looking for the fourth piece, the Doctor and Romana travelled to Norfolk in 2011, they found the fourth piece as a meteorite which was giving former astronaut Millicent Ferril the power over metal. To stop her from allowing the Conquist to invade Earth, the Doctor was forced to disperse the piece of the key causing it to reform in another time and place. (AUDIO: Ferril's Folly)

Tara part4

The Doctor duels Count Grendel of Gracht. (TV: The Androids of Tara)

While looking for the reformed fourth segment on Tara, the Doctor decided to take a relaxing fishing break while Romana went to look for it. Though successful in finding the piece to the Key, they both were forced into the political power struggle on Tara, as Romana was identical to a princess being held captive by Count Grendel, who wished to use her to claim the throne before his cousin. The Doctor exposed Grendel's plans and went on his way with Romana to continue the search. (TV: The Androids of Tara)

The search for the fifth piece brought the Doctor and Romana to Delta III where the Swampies worshipped an overgrown squid called Kroll, who was attacking a human mining base; it did not differentiate between them, killing whoever got near. Putting himself in harm's way, the Doctor found Kroll had swallowed the piece to the Key and was transformed by its properties. Allowing himself to be grabbed by the giant creature, the Doctor was able to use the Tracer to reclaim the segment, transforming Kroll back into smaller squids in the process. Reclaiming the piece, he and Romana returned to search for the last segment. (TV: The Power of Kroll)

Searching for the final piece brought the Doctor and Romana to a war-torn planet being attacked by a computer-planet near by. There, they met the Shadow, agent of the Black Guardian. Unfortunately, the final piece was in the form of Princess Astra. Regrettably, the Doctor completed the Key and quickly separated it back into it original components to prevent the Black Guardian from getting it. Fearful the Black Guardian would return for revenge, the Doctor used the Key to install a randomiser in the TARDIS controls. (TV: The Armageddon Factor)

Further adventures with Romana Edit

On the run from the Black Guardian, the Doctor sent K9 to pilot the TARDIS to one thousand planets across time and space to send the Black Guardian on a wild goose chase. Waiting for the TARDIS' return, the Doctor and Romana took up residency in Hampshire in 1929, becoming the Lord and Lady of the manor. He stopped a Valjax called Lady Florence Bassett from forcing Romana into a marriage so that she could control a Time Lord's mind. (AUDIO: The Auntie Matter)

After the TARDIS and K9 returned, the Doctor found himself at a future Earth. However, he found that the Laan had arrived on Earth to breed, which would have terrible implications for Earth. Cuthbert also wanted revenge on the Laan. (AUDIO: The Sands of Life) Aware of the consequences of Cuthbert's revenge, and with the help of Romana and President Sheridan Moorkurk, the Doctor stopped Cuthbert and saved the Earth. (AUDIO: War Against the Laan)

Soon afterwards, the Doctor took Romana to London in 1899, where he was reunited with Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot. Together, they investigated an alien justice robot that had crashed on Earth and a Victorian vigilante called the Pugilist. (AUDIO: The Justice of Jalxar) After this, the Doctor lost the TARDIS at the Mariana Trench in 2040 and battled Goblins. (AUDIO: Phantoms of the Deep)

Death to the Doctor 4th

The Doctor defeats Bolog with a banana. (COMIC: Death to the Doctor!)

The Doctor, Romana, and K9 encountered a frog-like being named Bolog, who had a fleet of ships at his command hidden on the far side of the moon. The Doctor was able to stop him by sending his ships into orbit around the sun with a banana. (COMIC: Death to the Doctor!)

The new Romana Edit


The Doctor arrives on Skaro. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks)

While repairing K9, the Doctor found Romana had regenerated into Astra's form, much to his displeasure. The randomiser landed the TARDIS on Skaro, where the Daleks were excavating the remains of the Kaled base to restore Davros. The Doctor also faced the Movellans, an android race at war with the Daleks. Having reached an impasse of logic, they both needed someone to reprogram their respective computers for "illogical" movements that would give either side an advantage. Winning the Movellans over, the Doctor allowed them to take Davros in cryogenic custody to await trial for his crime of creating the Daleks. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks)

The Doctor partially bypassed the randomiser to take Romana on a relaxing holiday to Paris, where the Doctor discovered a Jagaroth named Scaroth was splintered into twelve selves throughout time after his spaceship exploded; the explosion's radiation affected the primordial ooze, thus beginning life on Earth. The Doctor, Romana and detective Duggan succeeded in stopping Scaroth from preventing his spaceship from exploding. (TV: City of Death)


The Doctor admires the Mona Lisa. (TV: City of Death)

The Doctor later received a distress signal and arrived on Chloris, a lush and verdant world with only small quantities of metals, all of which were controlled by its ruler, Lady Adrasta. The Doctor was sent for execution, but managed to avoid it, deciding to investigate the creature he was supposed to be fed to. He found it to be an imprisoned Tythonian that had been sent by its people to set up a trade agreement with Chloris. Deciding to end Adastra's tyranny, the Doctor allowed the Tythonian to kill her and let a new reign of peace be set up between the two species of the planet. (TV: The Creature from the Pit)

Trapped in Grey Space without Romana or K9, the Doctor was challenged to a game by two entities. After failing their games, he was erased from existence. However, he was later restored by his first incarnation. (AUDIO: Seven to One)

The TARDIS then arrived on the space liner Empress, which had become locked together with a private ship, the Hecate, after colliding with it upon emerging from hyperspace. The Doctor and Romana met Tryst, who had a Continuous Event Transmuter machine. However, some Mandrels from Eden had somehow gotten onboard. The Doctor later discovered he had been lied to, and Mandrels actually decomposed into the addictive drug vraxoin. The Doctor thwarted the drug-smuggling plan of Tryst and the pilot of the Hecate, separated the two ships, and returned the Mandrels to Eden. (TV: Nightmare of Eden)

Annoyed at the lack of dougnuts in the TARDIS food machine, the Doctor set course for the Vita Novus Health Spar and defeated Karna, the director of a company dedicated to creating "the Beautiful People", which consisted of slim and beautiful human beings. (AUDIO: The Beautiful People)

After saving eleven planets and two space stations, the Doctor took up autograph collecting. Visiting Notting Hill Gate studio's to meet celebrities, the Doctor met Prince Tarvill, an exile from the planet Frentos. He saved Tarvil from four armies who had come from various points in Fretos's past. After sending the armies back to their original time, the Doctor returned Tarvil to Frentos, at a point in time where no one on the planet had heard of him. (PROSE: The Clanging Chimes of Doom)

Whilst in the middle of conducting TARDIS repair, the Doctor and Romana were caught in the middle of a sacrificial ceremony for a "god" called the Nimon. They discovered that this "god" was actually a parasite alien preparing Skonnos for the rest of its species. The Doctor succeeded in preventing the teleport from bringing more than two extra Nimon before the Nimon killed themselves as an accidental side-effect to their final gambit. With the help of the Anethans originally sent to be life-force sacrifices for the transporter, the Doctor destroyed the remaining Nimon before departing with Romana. (TV: The Horns of Nimon)

Due to the faulty randomizer, the Doctor and Romana found themselves in Paris 2000, and they defeated a minotaur who had kidnapped humans throughout history. (COMIC: The Forgotten)

The Doctor next tracked down the Great One of Metebelis III, on a council estate on Earth and foiled her plot to avenge her species by destroying Earth. (PROSE: Return of the Spiders)

The Doctor and Romana went to Cambridge in 1979, intending to meet Professor Chronotis. The Doctor and Romana couldn't bring K9 to see him as they went punting. At that point, while they were on a punt up the Cam, (WC: Shada) the Doctor and Romana were taken by a time scoop to the Death Zone on Gallifrey, but were caught in a time eddy and failed to arrive in the Death Zone. They were released several hours later once Borusa was sealed in the Tomb of Rassilon. (TV: The Five Doctors) The Doctor, having forgotten he intended to visit Chronotis, went back to the TARDIS, demanding everyone to put their bathing suits on as they were going to Brighton. (WC: Shada)

Continuing to travel with Romana and K9, the Doctor discovered alien children from Eden Twelve had been bringing toys to life on Earth, (PROSE: Child's Play) attended the Queen's re-coronation, (PROSE: The Dying Days) visited a conference on Mars, (PROSE: Beige Planet Mars) visited Cambridge and defeated a mind-draining sphere, (PROSE: Glass) and travelled across the universe to obtain the Great Crystal Choir of Pseudolonica VII. (PROSE: Present Tense)

He next visited East Berlin, reunited with Edward Grainger and stopped an alien ambassardour from instigating a war between Cuba and America. (PROSE: Checkpoint)

The Doctor and Romana went to an inter-galactic conference, where the Vandelanian ambassador was arguing against research on sub-microscopic species, as delegates on behalf of the Time Lords. He and Romana were held at gunpoint by a Voton spy, who had planted a trigger for a bomb in the Ambassador's voice patterns, intending to kill everyone at the conference and start a galactic war. The Doctor interrupted the conference, enraging the ambassador, and had the Voton arrested. (PROSE: The Voton Terror)

After forgetting K9's birthday, the Doctor took him and Romana to a planet made entirely of candy, where he accidentally caused cakes to become sentience. (PROSE: Special Occasions: 1. The Not-So-Sinister Sponge) He next became Santa Claus in 1970s London and broke into the Brigadier's house to leave presents for his old friend. (PROSE: Special Occasions: 3. Better Watch Out, Better Take Care)

At Romana's urging for a technologically advanced place of relaxation, the Doctor took them to the Leisure Hive. However, during the adventure to repair a rejuvenation machine, the Doctor ended up ageing hundreds of years. A genetically created Argolin, named Pangol, decided to take over, but thanks to the Doctor's interference, his plan to create a clone army of himself backfired as the Doctor was in the machine beforehand, gaining his youth back. However, the Doctor, deciding that he tired of running from his enemies, had to remove the randomiser in order to repair the machine. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

Before repairing K9, the Doctor and Romana searched for a Vampire on Earth, who had been trying to control himself. When the Vampire went out of control, the Doctor was forced to stake him. (PROSE: I Was a Monster!!!)

Repairing K9, the Doctor found himself stuck in a time loop in the TARDIS; he broke it by reenacting the events he was reliving before the loop started over. Arriving on Tigella, a planet he visited centuries earlier, the Doctor was accused of stealing the Dodecahedron, but was saved from punishment when it was discovered someone was posing as him. He discovered Meglos, last of the Zolfa-Thurans, had stolen the object to power a device that could destroy planets; he shapeshifted by attaching himself to a host. The Doctor stopped Meglos by redirecting his machine's laser back at it, destroying him. While preparing to leave for a new adventure, the Doctor received a message from Gallifrey, demanding the return of Romana. (TV: Meglos)

Trapped in E-Space Edit

While on course to Gallifrey, the TARDIS fell through a Charged Vacuum Emboitment and into a smaller pocket universe known as E-Space.

Landing on Alzarius, the Doctor met the Alzarians, who were trying to repair their ship. Romana was bitten by an Alzarian spider, falling into a trance; under its control, she allowed the Marshmen to invade. However, they were driven back out by an increase of oxygen, which was poisonous to them. Studying these species' genetics, the Doctor found they evolved from each other; Marshmen killed the original humanoids and evolved to replace them. Creating an antidote, the Doctor cured Romana and taught the Alzarians how to pilot their ship. During this time, he met a precocious, orphaned Alzarian boy named Adric, who snuck on board the TARDIS before they left to find a way back home to their universe as their was nothing left on Alzarius for the youngster. (TV: Full Circle)

What goes up...

The Doctor, Romana and Adric watch as the King Vampire meets his fate. (TV: State of Decay)

After discovering Adric had stowed aboard his TARDIS, the Doctor and Romana next arrived on the most technologically advanced planet in E-Space, where they learned of a human ship called the Hydrax that came there several years ago; this gave the Doctor hope of finding a way back home. They met the Three Who Rule, discovering their castle was actually the Hydrax and they were vampires, converted by the Great Vampires' king, an old nemesis of the Time Lords. During the Time of Arising, in which the King would be resurrected and return to N-space, the Doctor launched an escape craft from the Hydrax through its heart, killing the ancient creature; the Three Who Rule aged to dust without the one who turned them alive. After this, the Doctor set off to return Adric home, as well as to find a way back into his own universe. (TV: State of Decay)

Around the same time, the Doctor suffered an attack by vampire bats and lost enough blood to put his life in danger. The Eighth Doctor, who was travelling through his past to regain his memories, gave his past incarnation a blood transfusion, saving him and ensuring that the Eighth Doctor received all his memories from his fourth life at the same time. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors)

When the TARDIS was attacked by Ballustrans, the Doctor was injured and retreated to the Zero room in his TARDIS to recover, whilst Romana and Adric were arrested by law enforcer Marni Tellis on suspicion of twelve murders and taken to the moon of Letrus. Once he recovered, the Doctor discovered the Farrian were responsible and, alongside Marni and his companions, foiled their plot to invade E-space and open a CVE into N-space. (AUDIO: The Invasion of E-Space)

Still in E-Space, the Doctor and his companions spent nine days in an enclosed building called the Structure and freed a system administrator called J from a creature known as "the Encroachment". (PROSE: O, Darkness)

While travelling through E-space to take Adric home, the Doctor ended up at the Gateway, a location directly between N-space and E-space; time winds blew into the TARDIS and damaged K9 while he was attempting to land. While there, he found Tharils being mistreated by a man named Rorvik in his desperate desire to leave the limbo between realities. When Rorvik's final attempt to leave backfired, it cost him his life.

Upon finding the way home, the Doctor discovered Romana wished to remain to help the Tharils. Saddened, the Doctor agreed to let her do so with K9 as a parting gift. As Adric never had any intention of returning home to Alzarius, the Doctor allowed him to stay aboard the TARDIS and return to N-Space with him. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

Return to N-Space Edit

Traken part1

The the Doctor receives a visitor - the Keeper. (TV: The Keeper of Traken)

Back in N-space, the Doctor was called by the Traken Union's Keeper to assist him in keeping evil away while his power waned from age, and a replacement was found. He encountered Nyssa of Traken and her father, Tremas, when he and Adric were accused of wishing to take the Source for themselves. The Doctor eventually discovered the Master was attempting to steal the Source, planning to use its power to merge with him to get a new body. However, the Doctor turned the tables on him again, leaving the Master to perish in his exploding TARDIS. However, the Master survived and retained enough of the Source's power to merge with Tremas. (TV: The Keeper of Traken)


The Doctor, Adric, and the new K9 Mark III following their return from E-space. (PROSE: Conundrum)

After the Doctor had left K9 Mark II to Romana as a gift, he constructed K9 Mark III, who travelled with him and Adric for a short time. (PROSE: Inter-Galactic Cat, Conundrum, Planet of Paradise, Plague World, Just a Small Problem) However, after a while, the Doctor left K9 with Sarah Jane at Hill View Road in 1978 South Croydon. (TV: A Girl's Best Friend)

Tired of the TARDIS' chameleon circuit being stuck, the Doctor went to Logopolis to obtain the formula needed to fix it. Arriving, the Doctor found a woman named Tegan Jovanka accidently boarded, thinking the TARDIS was a police box. He also reunited with Nyssa, whilst also meeting a being known as the Watcher; they had a secret conversation and the Doctor learnt the Watcher was his future self. Realising his current incarnation's end was near, the Doctor got the formulas from Logopolis and shrunk the TARDIS by accident due to the Master's interference, but this was corrected. The Doctor then went to the Pharos radio telescope to a broadcast the CVE signal as the Watcher took Adric and Nyssa outside the universe. (TV: Logopolis)

Death Edit


The Doctor begins to regenerate (TV: Logopolis)

After successfully reopening the CVEs, the Doctor's short-lived alliance with the Master ended when he attempted to stop him from forcing the universe into serving him with the threat of weaponising the entropy. Pulling the plug on the radio that powered the dish to do so, the Doctor ended up hanging onto it as the Master rotated the dish. Dangling from the dish, the Doctor experienced visions of his past foes, such as Davros and the Black Guardian, as he lost his grip and fell to the ground.

In a daze from the fall, the Doctor experienced visions of the Brigadier, Benton, Sarah, Harry, Leela, K-9 and Romana. When Adric, Nyssa and Tegan gathered around him, the Doctor smiled, telling them that the moment had been prepared for. Shocking everyone present, the Doctor held his hand out to the Watcher, who merged with the Doctor as he regenerated into his next incarnation. (TV: Logopolis)

Undated adventures Edit

Alternative timelines Edit

In a negated timeline, the Doctor and Leela uncovered experiments into telepathy undertaken by several university students, which in turn, threatened a weakness in the multiverse that was in close proximity, made even worse by a university professor's attempt to create a flawed time machine to undo an event in his past when he beat his daughter to death during an argument. However, due to the interventions of the TARDIS itself, the damage to the multiverse was repaired, but as a result, this timeline was erased from existence. This timeline was replaced by one where these events never occurred- the professor reporting his crime rather than hiding it- the Doctor noting that he and Leela would forget about this incident the next time they stepped out of the TARDIS as none of the people they encountered or events they witnessed would have ever existed. (PROSE: Psi-ence Fiction)

Under the influence of the Valeyard and the Dark Matrix, the Fourth Doctor was corrupted into destroying the Daleks at their very beginning. This timeline was negated when the Seventh Doctor defeated the Valeyard and released the Dark Matrix from his control. (PROSE: Matrix)

Psychological profile Edit

Personality Edit

Fourth Doctor eating allsort

The Doctor eats an allsort. (TV: The Sun Makers)

The Doctor's fourth incarnation was one of the least human-like incarnations in nature and stood apart from others, (TV: Robot) even most of his own people. (TV: The Deadly Assassin) His mind often leapt ahead of anyone, including himself.[source needed] He delighted in keeping both friends and foes alike off guard with oddball humour and curious pranks, as was his second incarnation. He often played the fool to lull his opponents into underestimating him. (TV: Robot, City of Death) He could judge character keenly, almost instantly knowing whom to trust. (TV: The Ribos Operation)

Fourth doctor angry

The Doctor's fury. (TV: Pyramids of Mars)

Although generally peace-loving and kind-hearted, as were most of his incarnations, the Fourth Doctor could also react with sudden violence when necessary.[source needed] He was also not against taking a life in extreme circumstances, (TV: The Brain of Morbius) but would scold Leela for unnecessary killing. (TV: The Face of Evil) Though he was much less inclined to use physical violence than his predecessor, the Doctor would react aggressively if he had no alternative but to defend himself. (TV: The Seeds of Doom) He improvised non-lethal weaponry when necessary, (TV: Genesis of the Daleks) but was also not averse to more lethal weaponry as a necessity against both sentient and non-sentient beings, like the Demat Gun, (TV: The Invasion of Time) or contemporary firearms. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Image of the Fendahl)

He threatening to deactivate Davros' life-support machine to coerce him into destroying the Daleks, (TV: Genesis of the Daleks) and seemed to have nothing against Leela killing random attackers, as long as she kept quiet about it. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang) He was also willing to sacrifice himself in order to kill Davros via an explosive device in an attempt to prevent the Daleks harnessing their creator. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks)

He also had a strong moral code, such as when he faced the dilemma of whether to destroy the Daleks, stating that if he did, he would be no better himself than the Daleks. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks) He was also appalled at the actions of the Captain, (TV: The Pirate Planet) and refused to listen to Professor Tryst's attempts to justify drug-running in order to fund his scientific work, simply telling him to go away. (TV: Nightmare of Eden)

Of all of the Doctor's incarnations, this one had perhaps the most consistently anti-authoritarian attitude, with little tolerance for religious dogma or nationalism. (TV: Robot, The Brain of Morbius, Underworld, The Stones of Blood, The Power of Kroll, The Armageddon Factor) He generally maintained his distance from the Time Lords, and resented that they were capable of re-entering his life when they deemed it necessary. (TV: The Brain of Morbius) Not only did he seem more inclined toward a solitary existence, (TV: The Deadly Assassin) he also emphasised his distance from humanity, (TV: Pyramids of Mars) although he stated on more than one occasion that he found mankind to be his favourite species. (TV: The Masque of Mandragora)

Armed and dangerous

The Doctor retreats, covering himself with a handgun. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

Despite his charm and offbeat humour, the Doctor was arguably more aloof and sombre than his previous incarnations. He could be intensely brooding, serious and even callous, and would keenly scrutinise his surroundings even when playing the fool. When Sarah upbraided him over his callousness at the sight of Laurence Scarman being killed by the animated corpse of his own brother, the Doctor reminded her of the larger issue of stopping Sutekh. (TV: Pyramids of Mars) He would be furious with those he saw as stupid, frivolous, misguided or evil. When taking charge, he could be considered authoritative to the point of egocentricity, but he was usually the only one capable of solving the situations he found himself in.[source needed]

Unlike his predecessors, this incarnation did not maintain a close working relationship with UNIT or the Brigadier, a trend which carried forward with his future incarnations. The Doctor reacted with anger and distain when the Brigadier recalled him to Earth. (TV: Terror of the Zygons, Pyramids of Mars) Except for a handful of occasions, the Doctor kept his distance from UNIT. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

He was also not adverse to winding up his companions on occasion, such as once fooling Leela into standing and playing with a yo-yo for an extended period of time, with her believing it was an experiment. (TV: The Robots of Death) On another occasion, he caused Romana to panic when he pretended to be corrupted by the Key to Time. (TV: The Armageddon Factor)

FourthDoctor Romana slah

The Doctor and Romana, moments before the Doctor kissed her on the cheek. (PROSE: The Well-Mannered War)

Younger in appearance than his previous incarnations, the Fourth Doctor found himself drawing closer to his companions than he might have previously. (TV: School Reunion) He tended not to display such feelings himself,[source needed] not even when accompanied by the often scantily clad Leela, (TV: The Robots of Death) although he acknowledged that Romana was attractive in her first incarnation, (TV: The Pirate Planet) and, in her second incarnation, he even kissed her. (PROSE: The Well-Mannered War) He was, for the most part, oblivious to other people's attractiveness, believing that telling Countess Scarlioni that she was "probably beautiful" was a compliment. (TV: City of Death)

Adric described the Doctor as "unpredictable, intimidating and enigmatic, but brilliant". (AUDIO: Psychodrome)


The Doctor speaks with Adric and Nyssa, while the Watcher heralds the coming end of his incarnation. (TV: Logopolis)

After seeing himself being observed by the Watcher, the Doctor became aware his end was nearing, adopting a resignedly mood while vowing to stop the Master, eventually losing the strength to keep his grip on the Pharos Project, and fell to his death.

As he lay dying, the Doctor spent his last moment thinking of his past companions, and ensuring his present friends that the moment of his regeneration had been prepared for, with a serene glance and one last grin. (TV: Logopolis)

Habits and quirks Edit

The Fourth Doctor would often have jelly babies with him and offered them as a greeting. (TV: Robot, The Ark in Space, The Face of Evil, The Robots of Death, The Sun Makers) While past and future incarnations also showed occasional fondness for the sweet, (TV: The Dominators, The Three Doctors, The Mysterious Planet, Doctor Who, Mummy on the Orient Express) theirs was never as frequent as the fourth incarnation's love for them. (AUDIO: Death-Dealer)

He would often instruct his companions to follow him by saying, "Come on", even saying it when he was following them.[source needed] He would often ask others if they were listening to him, (TV: The Armageddon Factor) and often told K9 to "shut up".[source needed] In the later parts of his life, the Doctor would stretch the last syllable of "Hello" when greeting himself.[source needed]

He would sometimes relax by playing with a yo-yo, (TV: The Android Invasion, The Brain of Morbius) and liked to drink ginger beer. (TV: The Android Invasion) He also started a trend of talking to the TARDIS, (TV: The Deadly Assassin) constantly showing affection for his magnificent machine by kissing it and caring for it when it got damaged. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

The fourth incarnation tended to have tantrums when he argued with his companions, but, upon agreeing with them, he would say "ah".[source needed] He would often described an inhumane adversary as an "unspeakable abomination". (TV: The Sontaran Experiment, The Brain of Morbius)

Skills and abilities Edit

Much like his immediate predecessor, the Fourth Doctor was very physical, being an excellent runner, (TV: Genesis of the Daleks) fencer, (TV: The Masque of Mandragora, The Androids of Tara) and fighter. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment)

The Doctor possessed telepathic powers, allowing him to communicate with other telepathic users. While later incarnations had to make physical contact to use telepathy, the Fourth Doctor could project his mind over long distances. This also allowed him to guide the Mentiads into using their telekinetic powers to move a spanner in order to ruin the plans of the Captain and Xanxia. It was unclear if he was using telekinetic powers himself combined with that of the Mentaids or if he was simply guiding them. (TV: The Pirate Planet)

Due to, what he described as, his complex mind, the Doctor was able to immunise himself from telepaths. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

The Doctor was also shown to be a highly skilled swordsman, being able to hold his own against multiple opponents and the finest swordsman on Tara. (TV: The Masque of Mandragora, The Androids of Tara)

The Doctor also claimed to be a master hypnotist and used a watch to hypnotise people or break other hypnotists' hold on them, even with the snap of his fingers. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang, The Invasion of Time, The Ribos Operation)

Like several of his incarnations, his pockets appeared to be dimensionally transcendental, although, somewhat hypocritically, he once told Harry Sullivan that it was a mistake to clutter one's pockets. (TV: The Sontaran Experiment) He carried an array of items in his pockets, which included a seemingly endless supply of Jelly babies, a galactic passport, (TV: Robot) a cricket ball, (TV: The Ark in Space) a lockpick, (TV: Pyramids of Mars) a football rattle, (TV: The Masque of Mandragora) a magician's cane, (TV: The Hand of Fear) a clockwork egg-timer, (TV: The Face of Evil) a breathing tube, (TV: The Robots of Death) a barrister's wig, (TV: The Stones of Blood) an instant camera, (TV: City of Death) and a magnifying glass, gemstones, handcuffs, and an etheric beam locator. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks) On one occasion, he even dropped a cup containing a hot beverage into his pocket. (TV: The Power of Kroll)

Appearance Edit

The Doctor was frequently described by others as being "all teeth and curls". (TV: The Five Doctors; WC: Shada; PROSE: The Touch of the Nurazh)

Clothing Edit

In stark contrast to the elegant and refined figure of his previous incarnation, the Fourth Doctor was an unkempt, bohemian-looking figure, with a long, multi-coloured scarf, (TV: Robot) which had originally been knitted for him by Madame Nostradamus. (TV: The Ark in Space) His dark curly hair was often partially hidden by a large floppy fedora. (TV: Robot) Professor Marius remarked that the Doctor looked like a "space vagrant". (TV: The Invisible Enemy)

His initial outfit consisted of a rust-brown corduroy blazer with elbow patches, baggy grey tweed trousers, a dark brown cardigan with diamond shapes adorning the front, a white dress shirt, a long green neck-tie, and a multi-coloured scarf. (TV: Robot) Eventually, his style stabilised into a frock coat, trousers, and some form of a cravat or tie with waistcoat, fedora, and his scarf. (TV: Pyramids of Mars) He later wore his shirt open-necked, with an unbuttoned waistcoat. (TV: Underworld)

He wore several frock coats of different colours, including a dark brown one, (TV: Pyramids of Mars) and a light grey one. (TV: The Brain of Morbius) He occasionally wore trench coats as well, including a light brown one with dark brown trim, (TV: The Power of Kroll) and a plum velvet one. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

He sometimes adorned his coats with lapel pins and brooches in various shapes, such as an artist's pallet with tubes of paint, (TV: City of Death) or a flock of geese. (TV: The Power of Kroll)

He varied his footwear, sometimes preferring knee-high leather boots, and other times ankle-high leather shoes. (TV: Robot, The Invasion of Time)

Toward the end of his fourth incarnation, however, his costume and his color palate shifted to a darker red, maroon, purple, and orange colour scheme. This consisted of a completely new scarf, along with a full-length maroon coat, waistcoat, trousers, buccaneer-style leather boots, a Poet's Hat, an ecru open-neck dress shirt with subtle ecru question marks adorning the collars. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

Other information Edit

During this incarnation, the Doctor started to write a series of educational books called Doctor Who Discovers. The intended title for the series was The Doctor, Who Discovers..., but the publishing company misprinted the title, resulting in the author being mistakenly credited as "Doctor Who".

The Doctor completed five books in the series. He began work on the sixth, Doctor Who Discovers Historical Mysteries, but left it unfinished until a robot sent by the publishers from the 64th century invaded the TARDIS to forcefully remind his next incarnation of his contractual obligation. (AUDIO: The Kingmaker)

Age Edit

Main article: The Doctor's age

While on Earth, the Doctor stated his age to be 749 years. (TV: The Seeds of Doom) After ageing four years from crossing a split in time, the Doctor said he would "still think of myself as 743", before admitting he "could never remember" his age. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Time Witch) He was approximately 813 when he regenerated into his fifth incarnation. (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

Behind the scenes Edit

Casting Edit

Actors considered for the role of the fourth incarnation included Michael Bentine, Bernard Cribbins, Graham Crowden, Fulton Mackay and Jim Dale.[1] Tom Baker was cast based on his role as the villain Koura in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.

Appearance Edit

Doctor and Lautrec

Top: Painting of Aristide Bruant by Lautrec, which inspired the Doctor's famous look.
Bottom: Cover of AUDIO: The Demon of Paris, which reflected on the painting.

According to the creators of the show and Baker, the character's look was originally based on paintings and posters by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec of his friend, Aristide Bruant, a singer and nightclub owner whose trademark was a black cloak and long red scarf. [2]

Possible romances Edit

Since the fourth incarnation was the youngest in appearance at the time, he therefore appeared closer in age to his companions. This led to concerns being expressed of possible "hanky panky in the TARDIS", a term often used in the tabloid press to suggest the impression of off-screen dalliances between the various Doctors and their young, female companions.

Perhaps to address this, according to the Information Text commentary on the 2007 DVD release of The Stones of Blood, Baker generally tried to emphasise the asexuality of the character, apart from possible subtle romantic tension such as that with Sarah Jane Smith. Despite this, Baker was not above tossing in occasional visual jokes that suggested sexual tension.

For example, in The Stones of Blood the Doctor and Romana have to huddle close in order to be within the confines of a transporter beam and enter what would, in normal circumstances, be seen as a romantic clinch, but neither character appears to recognise this. Likewise, the Doctor and Romana are forced into close proximity in The Ribos Operation when hiding from Graff Vynda-K and neither seem to recognise this as a romantic moment.

Secondary media, on the other hand, has often restrained less from romantic moments; particularly with Romana II. For instance, in the Short Trips story Do You Love Anyone Enough?, the Doctor gave Romana the last Rolo in the Universe for St Valentine's Day. In PROSE: The Well-Mannered War, the Doctor kissed Romana on the cheek.

In popular culture Edit

The fourth incarnation's distinctive appearance and mannerisms have made him a target for affectionate parody. The character appeared several times on The Simpsons and twice on Robot Chicken. Even in 2011, a full 30 years after he left his tenure as the Doctor, an animated parody of his incarnation appeared an episode of Futurama. In Hugo 2: Whodunnit?, a computer game, the player's character can save Tom Baker's Doctor from a Dalek, who in return gives the player his sonic screwdriver.

He was frequently impersonated by impressionist Jon Culshaw on the radio and television series Dead Ringers. Even Barney Miller had an episode featuring an eccentric man claiming to be a time-traveller and wearing a long striped scarf. Archival footage of the fourth incarnation's first title sequence was also used in the Family Guy episode "Blue Harvest" to represent and parody Star Wars's hyperspace.

Tom Baker, as the narrator of the series Little Britain, has referenced Doctor Who. He also appeared in Doctor Who and the Daleks in Seven Keys to Doomsday, a stage play that opened two weeks before Baker began his tenure as the Doctor. In the play, Trevor Martin plays an alternative version of the fourth incarnation.

In the book Return of the Bunny Suicides, there was a scene in which a bunny sits on top of the TARDIS with a noose around its neck as the fourth incarnation runs into it, being chased by a Dalek.

Peter Jackson wore a costume similar to the fourth incarnation's when he played Derek in his film Bad Taste.

On The Big Bang Theory, in the episode, "The Justice League Recombination", Stuart wears the Fourth Doctor's costume to a New Year's Eve costume party at his comic book shop.

The video game Team Fortress 2 features the Fourth Doctor's scarf and hat as cosmetics for the Medic class. The items were renamed as the Chronoscarf and Das Ubersternmann. The hat was the first item added in the game in a 2013 patch while the scarf was not added until a year later in the 18 June 2014 update.

Reprising the role Edit

Unlike his predecessors Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee or his successors Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann, Tom Baker was notoriously hesitant to reprise the role of the Doctor. Originally intended as a major player in the 20th-anniversary special, The Five Doctors, Baker pulled out before production began, citing other obligations as his reasoning. The production team rewrote the scripts to give much of his role to the Fifth Doctor, and included the Fourth Doctor by making use of unbroadcast footage from Shada. A Madame Tussauds wax mannequin of his incarnation was used in publicity shots to keep the "five Doctors" concept afloat.

In 1993, Baker was hired to play the Doctor full-on for the planned 30th Anniversary Special The Dark Dimension, but the special was cancelled and instead shot a small cameo for Dimensions in Time. Around this time, he also introduced a VHS reconstruction of Shada, though not apparently in character as the Doctor. In 1997 he returned to the role in a more serious manner in the video game Destiny of the Doctors.

Despite his hesitancy to play the role again, Baker made frequent appearances on DVD releases of his stories, recording audio commentaries for many and conducting on-camera interviews for others.

In the 2000s, Baker made a tentative step towards reprising the role by agreeing to record audio books for BBC Audio, reading the texts from several Target novelisations from his era. Finally, in 2009, Baker agreed to return to the role of the Doctor in a dramatic context, performing the five-part Hornets' Nest story arc, again for BBC Audio, in which he was paired up with Richard Franklin, reprising the Pertwee-era companion Mike Yates.

In March 2010, Baker announced on his official website that he was in discussions with Big Finish Productions to record Doctor Who audio dramas for the company.[3]. Big Finish confirmed this on 3rd June 2010.[4] A few days later it was also confirmed that Baker would be doing additional stories for BBC Audio, AUDIO: Demon Quest, released at end of 2010.[5].


The Curator.

In 2013, Tom Baker made a cameo appearance in the 50th anniversary story, The Day of the Doctor, as the curator of the National Gallery.

The Brilliant Book 2011 Edit

According to The Brilliant Book 2011, a non-narrative source, the Fourth Doctor, posing as a Punch and Judy man, met Winston Churchill in 1879 whilst hunting Cybermats.

Footnotes Edit

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