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Fourth Doctor comic strip stories were published in TV Comic and Doctor Who Magazine.

Overview Edit

  • When Doctor Who Magazine began publishing in 1978, the Fourth Doctor (played by Tom Baker) was the current Doctor on television.
  • Doctor Who Magazine took over an ongoing regular comic strip presence of the Doctor's adventures from TV Comic.
  • Central to the concept of Doctor Who Magazine (or Doctor Who Weekly as it was then), was to offer more mature comic strip adventures than had previously appeared.
  • The Doctor Who Magazine comic strip launched with the Doctor travelling on his own. Later a number of new as well as more familiar characters were included. (These decisions were largely determined by the issue of image rights).
  • While most of the adventures occur within their own continuity, direct references to the television series make placing these adventures into on-screen continuity problematic.
  • While Doctor Who Magazine mostly uses the current Doctor in the regular comic strip adventures, later Fourth Doctor comic strip stories have appeared from time to time in the regular magazine, specials and in other publications.
  • The Fourth Doctor's comic strip adventures are the most reprinted of all and the early DWM strips widely regarded as amongst the best.[source needed]

Comic strip companions of the Fourth Doctor Edit

List of stories Edit

  • Many of the early comic strip stories did not have individual story titles so there is no "correct" title for many of the strips. Commentary and listings from older sources may use variant titles.
  • The titles given below conform to widely accepted titles (as referenced by Jean-Marc Lofficier and revised by comic historian John Ainsworth). The titles below were also adopted and used by Doctor Who Magazine and throughout Doctor Who Classic Comics (to which John Ainsworth was a major contributor).
  • The titles used below are by preference taken from the strip itself or, from titles given by the preceding issue. In some cases the writer/artist has provided a title for a given piece of work.
  • The listing below shows first publication details only. Reprint details can be found by following the story links.

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