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The Fourth Sensorite was an accomplice of the human-distrusting City Administrator on the Sense Sphere.

This Sensorite killed the Second Elder while the City Administrator had been impersonating him for his own plans. At a court hearing, he said the First Doctor took an object from his coat pocket and killed the Second Elder, even though the coat was shredded by the humans in the aqueduct at the time of the Second Elder's death. He tried to backtrack and say that the Doctor wore a cloak, but the First Elder had only just given the Doctor the cloak.

He was taken to prison, but broken out by the City Administrator, who had become the new Second Elder. He deactivated the weapons the Doctor and Ian would take to the aqueducts and altered the maps to the aqueducts. He and the Administrator kidnapped Carol Richmond, but he was found out and recaptured by the Senior Warrior. (TV: The Sensorites)

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