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The Fraction appeared to be a group of Time Lords which wandered the universe and held great power. On Micen Island, in the heart of the great Nebula of Orion, the Fraction constructed the Temple of the Fourth in response to the accidental destruction of the entire population of a planet. By oath, the Fraction forswore the power and vowed to continue to live as mere men, scattered throughout the universe.

The Seventh Doctor and Antimony were summoned to the Temple of the Fourth by the Minister of Chance, where they viewed the statues of long dead Time Lords. The Minister reported the deaths of the 'Saints' Valentine and Antenor and asked the Doctor to investigate. The Doctor, the Minister and Casmus all identified themselves as 'Gods of the Fourth'. The members of the Fraction were annihilated by Tannis, with only the Minister surviving, his powers removed by the Doctor. The Fraction were succeeded by Ace. (NOTVALID: Death Comes to Time)

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