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Frank Langford drew the Doctor Who comic stories Backtime (1971), Ride to Nowhere (1973) and Fogbound (1973).

Born Cyril J. Eidlestein in Stepney, London, on 2 June 1926, he married Hilda M. Langford in 1953, and changed his name legally to Frank Cyril Langford some time in the 1960s. His earliest work was in romance comics like Roxy in the 1950s. His best-known work includes the full-colour strip "The Angry Planet" (1963) in Boy's World, the title character in Lady Penelope (1966-69), "The Persuaders" (1973) in TV Action, and a series of romance stories in DC Comics' Secret Hearts, Young Love, Young Romance and Falling in Love (1969-73). He also drew the daily strip Jack and Jill in the Herald & Sun in the early '70s, and had a long-standing sideline in advertising strips. He died in Enfield, Middlesex, in 1996.

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