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Frayed (novel)

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Frayed TN deluxe cover
Doctor: First Doctor
Companion(s): Susan
Main enemy: Iwan fox
Main setting: Iwa
Key crew
Publisher: Telos Publishing
Writer: Tara Samms
Illustrator: Chris Moore
Release details
Release number: 11
Release date: 20 November 2003
Format: Hardback Book, 33 Chapters, 120 Pages
ISBN 1-903889-22-7 (Standard)
ISBN 1-903889-23-5 (Limited)
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Frayed was the eleventh Telos Doctor Who novella. It featured the First Doctor and Susan Foreman. This is one of the earliest-set stories set prior to TV: An Unearthly Child, it is the second in Telos' novella range to be set prior to this story Time and Relative was the first (and the first novella in the range). The author's name, Tara Samms, is a pseudonym for author Stephen Cole who has written several Doctor Who stories under the pseudonym and his own name.

Publisher's summary Edit

'I like to stare into the sun, eyes wide. It burns incredible colours into my head, great shifting continents of them that blot out all else. And I try to keep looking until I imagine all the pretty blue has boiled away from my eyes and they are left a bright, bloody red and quite sightless.'

On a blasted world, the Doctor and Susan find themselves in the middle of a war they cannot understand. With Susan missing and the Doctor captured, who will save the people from the enemies from both outside and within?

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  • The Doctor and Susan have left Gallifrey quite recently.


Notes Edit

  • The foreword was written by Stephen Laws.
  • The cover art by Chris Moore was only used on the deluxe edition, which was signed by the author, artist, and foreword writer.
  • AHistory dates this story to circa 2230, as there is similar technology and culture to Sleepy.

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