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Frederick, known in his family as Freddie, was a small boy whom Rose Tyler met in Sir George Harding's house in October 1924. He was born in 1914 in Russia to Theo and Anastasia.

He introduced the guests they had while sitting in the gallery. He'd obviously hurt himself, because his mother told him to use his crutch when he walked.

Later that night, Rose came to the conclusion that his parents' relation to the monarchs of Russia and the devastating toll of the Russian revolution made Freddie the first in the succession to the throne of the Tsar of Russia. George Harding was his stepfather; the real father, Theo, had been killed in Russia.

Lady Anna allowed Freddie to go in the car with the Ninth Doctor and Rose, just to see them off to the British Empire Exhibition. He was disappointed, but enjoyed the ride.

He saved the Doctor and Rose from a terrible fate when opening a window to Melissa Heart's apartment. He then followed the to the Imperial Club where he surveyed the progress of the residents as they waited for the clockwork assassins to arrive. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)