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Frederick von Dracula was a count of Wallachia and a descendant of Vlad III. In 1897 he travelled to London to confront Bram Stoker about his intent to dishonour his family name with his new novel, which portrayed him as a blood-drinking monster and a gentleman of learning, taste and charity. He was carried away by bats and returned to Transylvania under instruction given by Florence Stoker. (COMIC: Bat Attack!)

Behind the scenes

Historically, no members of the House of Drăculești held the title of voivode (translated as either prince or count) of Wallachia after 1600. In 1897, the unified Romania was ruled by a king.

The presence of the German article of nobility, Von, as well as the name Frederick, would indicate that he was on a branch of the family that intermarried with Central European nobility, most likely Austrian.