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Free Time were a subversive organisation made up from many different races, including Gallifreyans, humans, Yevnons and the Monan Host. Notable individuals include Nepenthe.

They were probably one of the most dangerous threats to the Temporal Powers and the Time Lords especially. They briefly gained control of a Timonic Fusion Device and threatened to use it on the asylum planet Gryben. It was later revealed that Free Time were being used as a pawn in an even larger scheme to discredit President Romana. (AUDIO:Weapon of Choice)

Free Time espoused the idea that no one power should have authority over time and that it belonged to everyone. (AUDIO: Square One) The Daleks were to be the real brains behind Free Time and the "big threat" to Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Panacea, Ascension)

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