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Friend from the Future (TV story)

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Friend from the Future was a short scene broadcast during Match of the Day and later released online in 2016, which introduced the character of Bill Potts to the world. While this was made before the filming of The Pilot, which introduced Bill to the show proper, some elements were re-used and re-purposed for that episode. In the new scene, Bill and the Doctor are in a Dalek-Movellan war zone, where they have fled to free themselves from some sentient oil, the main antagonist of that story.

Synopsis Edit

The Daleks are following the Twelfth Doctor and Bill through a corridor. Will they get out alive?

Plot Edit

The Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts are running from a Dalek. They hide behind a wall, and Bill repeatedly questions the Doctor as to what a Dalek is. He hurriedly explains to her, then they run away, intent on going back to the TARDIS, convinced that 2017 needs them. However, they are cornered by the Dalek.

As they turn around a text hits the screen that says "Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill".

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Species Edit

  • Bill mentions the Daleks' standard weapons and their standard catchphrase.
  • The Doctor tells Bill what a Dalek is.

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Story notes Edit

  • The clip was originally supposed to just be an introduction to Bill Potts, but ended up being expanded upon in the final product of the first series 10 episode TV: The Pilot. In a BBC post-interview, Moffat noted that while the short wasn't included it was meant to "fit" for the fans who looked for that sort of thing.
  • The first few seconds are re-used footage from TV: Into the Dalek.
  • This episode is set during TV: The Pilot.

Ratings Edit

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Filming locations Edit

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Production errors Edit

  • On the text 'Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill', the words 'as' and 'Bill' are far too close together, making it appear to say 'Introducing Pearl Mackie asBill'.

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