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The Friends of the Ood were an organisation determined to liberate the Ood from slavery (TV: The Impossible Planet) and prove Ood Operations was lying to the public about the nature of their slaves.

Dr Ryder was a member of Friends of the Ood. It took him ten years, but he freed the Ood Brain long enough for it to communicate with the Ood on the Ood-Sphere. When he was outed to Klineman Halpen, Halpen tossed him into the Ood Brain. He died from suffocation. Other pro-Ood supporters included the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble, who saved the Ood from corporate slavery and were to be remembered by them in song. (TV: Planet of the Ood)

Following the Ood being freed from slavery by the Tenth Doctor and Donna, FOTO more or less disbanded. Jonni Halburton, one of the final remaining members of FOTO, went rogue and attempted to aggravate the last group of slave Ood into killing their masters. (COMIC: Time of the Ood)

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