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Fugitives (audio story)

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Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Molly O'Sullivan
Main enemy: Daleks, Dalek time controller, Kotris
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Music: Andy Hardwick
Sound: Andy Hardwick
Cover by: Alex Mallinson
Release details
Release number: 2
Part of: Dark Eyes
Release date: November 2012
Format: 1 X 1 hour
ISBN 978-1-84435-977-6
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Fugitives was the second full cast audio story in the Dark Eyes audio anthology released in 2012 by Big Finish Productions. It featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Ruth Bradley as Molly O'Sullivan.

Publisher's summary Edit

With the first objective of his mission reached, almost nothing is going to plan for the Doctor. He finds he cannot contact or return to the Time Lords' home planet, Gallifrey. And just when Molly O'Sullivan thinks she's escaped one conflict, she finds herself in the thick of another one.

What is it that connects the Doctor, the Daleks and the mysterious Ides Scientific Institute?

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

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Individuals Edit

  • Molly believes that "the Doctor" sounds like a "tenth rate stage name."
  • Prior to World War I, Molly worked in Eaton Place in London.
  • Molly compares the Daleks to Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • Molly refers to Gallifrey as "Galilee".
  • Molly has four brothers.

Species Edit


  • Upon entering the TARDIS, Molly realises that she has been inside it before. Although she consistently refers to it as the "Tardy-box", she is nevertheless able to operate the console and dematerialise the TARDIS.
  • The TARDIS translation circuit curiously does not work for Molly.

Technology Edit

  • Upon arriving in 1972, Molly is surprised that electric lights have replaced gas lights and that cars have entirely replaced horse-drawn carriages.
  • The Doctor and Molly arrive in 1940 on the HMS Grenade.

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