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Doctor: Sixth Doctor
Companion(s): Frobisher
Main enemy: Funhouse
Main setting: Funhouse
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK
Editor: Cefn Ridout
Writer: Alan McKenzie
Artist: John Ridgway
Letterer: Annie Halfacree
Release details
Printed in: DWM 102-103
Release date: July - August 1985
Reprinted in: DWMAC 2
Voyager (2007)
DWC S3 5
Doctor Who Classics Volume 6
Doctor Who Classics Omnibus Volume 2
Format: Comic - 2 parts (16 pages)
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War-Game Kane's Story
You may be looking for the titular creature or part three of Rift War.

Funhouse was a Sixth Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine. It saw Peri Brown make an appearance in the form of an illusion prior to her rejoining the TARDIS crew in the following story.

Summary Edit

Inside the Funhouse, the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher find themselves victims of the building's cruel games.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

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Notes Edit


The first six Doctors.

Funhouse colour reprints

The colour reprint versions of the image on the left.

  • This story was published in both Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Marvel Adventure Comic. In the latter, the Doctor is not shown to de-age, and thus his former selves do not appear.
  • Technically, this is Peri Brown's debut in comics, even though she is a construct of the Funhouse. However, in the next story, where the "real" Peri is seen for the first time, it's clear that Frobisher already knows her and that she's just been waiting for the Doctor and Frobisher to pick her up again.
  • One page shows each of the first six Doctors in descending order as the Sixth returns to his console room.

Continuity Edit

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