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General Gaal was a Warpsmith of Phaidon and a soldier who was Ace's contact on Outpost Delta. He told Ace that Narvin had been murdered, and he was distrustful of the Monan Host. He was at Outpost Delta with Ace when the Monan embassy in the Capitol exploded. As he planted a bomb in Ace's bedroom, planning to frame her for the destruction of the Outpost, Gaal claimed that his men had found one planted by the Monan Host a hard-to-access part of the base, and while Ace was diffusing it he attempted to escape.

However, Leela told Ace that surveillance footage had proved that Gaal, not the Monan Host, had orchestrated the explosion; when Ace confronted him, Gaal shot Trave and, using a Phaidon timeship, travelled back in time to plant a computer virus on the Moros and open a teleporter to the Monan embassy, causing the explosion. He was able to leave the embassy with a pass that Plutus had made under Raldeth's name, and he hid with Kalbez, who had crafted the plan.

He and Kalbez attempted to frame Romana II and Leela for attempted assassination, but he was captured by Irving Braxiatel. Leela threatened to drop him from great height until he confessed that he had planted the bomb in Ace's bedroom. Later, he was sent to Space Station Zenobia to face trial. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)