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Gabby Gonzalez
Gabby Mons pt 2
Species: Human
Job: Waitress, laundromat attendant, student
Affiliated with: The Castillo Mexicano
Place of origin: Brooklyn
Grandparents: Fernanda, Juan, Miguel Gonzalez's father, Miguel Gonzalez's mother
Mother: Maria Gonzalez
Father: Miguel Gonzalez
Sister: Blanca Gonzalez
First seen in: Revolutions of Terror
Other appearances: see list

Gabriella "Gabby" Gonzalez was a Mexican American companion of the Tenth Doctor. She travelled with him shortly after he lost Donna Noble and, like Martha Jones, was originally promised only one trip in the TARDIS.

Biography Edit

Gabriella worked at her father's businesses, a Mexican restaurant located at Sunset Park, New York City and a laundromat, while attending night school for accounting and getting straight A's, but she really wanted to be an artist. She was at the laundromat with her best friend Cindy Wu when all of the washing machines shot water everywhere. The next day, her grandmother and Hector saw apparitions that terrified them. On the subway home from class, she was attacked by a Cerebravore and met the Doctor. She used a mirror to reflect its psychic energy, defeating it.

In the morning, she was working at the laundromat when the Doctor appeared again. He explained that Pranavores fed on and returned the good emotions of humans, while Cerebravores did the opposite. He had been at the laundromat searching for their entry point to this world, and Gabby explained about the washing machines. She started them all, and a portal opened. While the Doctor investigated the other side, Gabby defended the laundromat from the attacking Cerebravores. The Doctor returned and they escaped by the fire escape. They headed to the Day of the Dead celebration at the cemetery. The Doctor used a device to flood the city with positive psychic energy, defeating the Cerebravores.

Revolutions of Terror Gabby begs the Doctor to take her with him

Gabby begs the Doctor to take her with him. (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror)

The Doctor calmly explained to Gabby's father the destruction of the laundramat, and her father calmly thanked the Doctor and his daughter for protecting the city. Gabby's family invited the Doctor to dinner for his actions, and Gabby later walked the Doctor to the TARDIS. Realizing that the Doctor had taught her more in one day then she could ever learn in school, Gabby begged for the Doctor to take her with him. He initially refused, but agreed eventually, for just one trip. (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror)

The Tenth Doctor took Gabby to the Pentaquoteque Gallery on Ouloumos, where she was left in awe by the entire experience. Wanting to visit Zhe Ikiyuyu, they went to her private retreat, where they were attacked by the Apprentice. She ended up making friends with the version of the Apprentice that was with her, which caused her to have temporary side effects such as heightened awareness and flashes of abilities. The Doctor, Gabby and Zhe defeated the Apprentice, with the Doctor inviting her to stay on the TARDIS. (COMIC: The Arts in Space)

Gabby encountered the Weeping Angels in World War I. (COMIC: The Weeping Angels of Mons)

Behind the Scenes Edit


Gabby as seen on an alternate cover of 10D 10.

Throughout various alternate covers of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, Gabby has been represented alongside David Tennant through various models. These models, however, have not been credited or identified, and one model is never used more than once. Fittingly, Gabby's appearance in the comic has also been slightly inconsistent.

Gabby is notable as being the first known companion of the Doctor to be of Hispanic descent, both narratively and in the real world.

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