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Gable was a town in West Virginia where the Fifth Doctor once stayed and offered medical advice to Union forces during the American Civil War. It was also the town closest to the camp of Captain Will Johnson in 1865, during the waning weeks of the war. Like many cities in what had formerly been in western Virginia, Gable had, according to Johnson, "always" been pro-Union, even when nominally within the boundaries of a Confederate state.

According to the town's newspaper, the Gable Clarion, Dr. John Smith delivered the third son of Gable's mayor, Clark Wallace, and his wife, Gloria, on 15 March 1865.

In a letter dated 26 March 1865, Johnson noted that the women of Gable had become quite taken with the young "English" Dr. Smith, and were "rather disconsolate" to understand that the companions with whom Smith was anxious to reunite were, in fact, female. (PROSE: Blood and Hope)

Behind the scenes Edit

Gable is not a real West Virginia location, at least according to modern postal code listings.

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