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Gabriel Chase

Gabriel Chase in 1883. (TV: Ghost Light)

Gabriel Chase was a Victorian mansion located in Perivale.

Gabriel Chase was built on top of Light's spaceship, which Redvers Fenn-Cooper had discovered and brought back to England. The Seventh Doctor and Ace visited the house in 1883.

By 1983, the former denomination of Perivale had been incorporated into London. Gabriel Chase was long-since abandoned and rumoured to be haunted. That year, a younger Ace burned it down in anger over the attack on Manisha's flat. (TV: Ghost Light)

Behind the scenes Edit

Filming for Gabriel Chase took place at Stanton Court in Weymouth, Dorset.

According to The Doctor: His Lives and Times, the house was built by Sir Gabriel Pritchard (the great-great-grandfather of George Pritchard) in the 17th century. This may not be possible, however, as Light's ship did not arrive in England until well into the 19th century.

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