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Gabriel Woolf played Sutekh in the Doctor Who story Pyramids of Mars, and also provided the uncredited voice of Horus in the same serial. (DWM 300) He later voiced the Beast in the Doctor Who story The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit. He also voiced Rossiter in the audio dramas Arrangements for War and Thicker Than Water.

Woolf additionally played the role of Sutekh in a comedic fashion for the Oh Mummy! special minisode on the Pyramids of Mars DVD, before returning to officially reprise his role for the audio series The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield by Big Finish Productions, both in the webcast Transmission from Mars and the audio anthology The Triumph of Sutekh.

He also played Amadeus Gowel in the minisode Eye on... Blatchford.

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