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Gadget was a robot used by the crew of the human Mars colony, Bowie Base One, in 2059. It was created and operated by American base technician Roman Groom.

Biography Edit

Roman Groom created Gadget using parts from the drones used to construct the colony originally. When receiving or acknowledging commands, it said, "Gadget! Gadget!", which its creator said amused him. Gadget could also talk, but only through someone else's voice, acting like a speaker. Gadget itself had no sentience and little autonomy. It depended on an operator controlling it by means of a pair of gloves. It had similar level of dexterity to a human. At least two people could ride it much as they could a Segway.

Prior to the Tenth Doctor's using the sonic screwdriver to give it the power to travel at prodigious speeds, Gadget could travel at approximately two miles per hour. After this adjustment, the Doctor and Adelaide Brooke rode Gadget to escape from Flood-infected Andy Stone and Tarak Ital. The Doctor said he didn't like funny robots, but saved Gadget from the Flood. Adelade criticised this, saying, "I thought you didn't like funny robots!" The Doctor later sent it with his TARDIS key to the TARDIS to bring the TARDIS into Bowie Base One. After arriving on Earth, Gadget lost contact with its control signal and finally shut down. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • During production, the Gadget prop displayed a propensity for losing its hands. At one point it managed to lose its hand and then run it over. (CON: Is There Life on Mars?)