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The Galactic Heritage was an organisation created by the Galactic Council. It protected planets and moons from being purchased or invaded before the sentient population of that planet had died out or developed interstellar travel. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows) The Galactic Heritage had a fleet of warships to help protect their territory. (AUDIO: The Sonomancer)

Melanie Bush described the Galactic Heritage as "a militarised, spacefaring National Trust". (AUDIO: The High Price of Parking)

Interventions Edit

The Galactic Heritage moved in on the Rocket Men's hideout once it had been revealed by the Fourth Doctor. (AUDIO: Requiem for the Rocket Men) Galactic Heritage later helped Marshall to track Leela after she had been kidnapped by the Master. (AUDIO: Death Match)

Under a suggestion by River Song, Helen Sinclair summoned the organisation to protect the planet Syra. (AUDIO: The Sonomancer)

Mel and Sabalom Glitz once encountered a Galactic Heritage fleet. (AUDIO: The High Price of Parking)

During the uprising on the planet Parking, the Galactic Heritage were contacted in the hope that they could help. (AUDIO: The High Price of Parking)

Members Edit

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