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Galaxy 4 was the ninth in a series of script books released by Titan Books.

Publisher's summary Edit


A female dominated race of warriors. A peaceful race of aliens. A doomed world.

The Doctor and his companions, Vicki and Steven, land on a planet that is about to explode. They are soon caught up in a desperate race against time to thwart the evil plans of the Drahvins to save themselves at the expense of the peace loving Rills.

Read for the first time the complete script of this classic Doctor Who story, together with never before published background and technical information.

Subject matter Edit

Modified camera scripts of the televised Doctor Who adventure Galaxy 4, which was missing from the BBC archives at the time. This was the first Titan script book of a televised adventure to use as its basis the camera scripts rather than the transmitted episodes. At the time this was a necessity due to no complete off-air audios being known to exist for the story.

Contents Edit

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Cast
  • Technical Details
  • Production Credits
  • Episode One: Four Hundred Dawns
  • Episode Two: Trap of Steel
  • Episode Three: Air Lock
  • Episode Four: The Exploding Planet

Notable features Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Published in paperback
  • Priced £4.99 (UK)
  • Dedication: “For Mum and Dad”