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Gallifrey is an ongoing series produced by Big Finish Productions centring on Gallifrey and its affairs, both internal and external. Eight series have been released to date.

Gallifrey iv williamson

Promotional art for Gallifrey IV by Brian Williamson from Doctor Who Magazine[which?].

The main focus of the story is split between Lady President Romana, as portrayed by Lalla Ward, and Leela, as portrayed by Louise Jameson. It also featured the return of Mary Tamm as Romana's first incarnation and the introduction of a new incarnation.

The first three series took the form of single releases. Beginning with the fourth series, Gallifrey moved to a boxset format. Series seven and eight saw another format change, each consisting of a single, longer story.

Publisher's summary Edit

Tales of intrigue and political manoeuvring from the seat of Time Lord power. Join Romana, Leela and K9 as they find enemies on all sides in a delicate game with the fate of Gallifrey hanging in the balance.

Gallifrey Edit

Series one Edit

  1. Weapon of Choice
  2. Square One
  3. The Inquiry
  4. A Blind Eye

Series two Edit

  1. Lies
  2. Spirit
  3. Pandora
  4. Insurgency
  5. Imperiatrix

Series three Edit

  1. Fractures
  2. Warfare
  3. Appropriation
  4. Mindbomb
  5. Panacea

Gallifrey IV Edit

  1. Reborn
  2. Disassembled
  3. Annihilation
  4. Forever

Gallifrey V Edit

  1. Emancipation
  2. Evolution
  3. Arbitration

Gallifrey VI Edit

  1. Extermination
  2. Renaissance
  3. Ascension

Series seven Edit

Series eight Edit

Cover gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • As with most of the Big Finish series, the main cast does not change between stories but there are many guest characters and cast.
  • Romana and Narvin are the only characters to appear in all twenty-six audio dramas in the series. As Romana does not appear in her second incarnation in the seventh series, Seán Carlsen is the only actor to star in all twenty-six episodes.
  • Gallifrey crossed over with some of Big Finish's other Doctor Who spin-offs in The Worlds of Doctor Who. Gallifrey featured in Second Sight.
  • The characters from the classic series that reappear in Gallifrey are Romana, Leela, K9 Mark I, K9 Mark II, Darkel, Andred, Commander Maxil, Ace and Omega. In addition, two distinct, alternative versions of the Sixth Doctor — namely, the Burner Doctor and Commentator Theta Sigma — appear in the fourth series.
  • In a documentary included with the sixth series, Gallifrey VI, the producers indicated that the series was inspired by the American political drama The West Wing.

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