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Game of Thrones (COMIC: The Dragon Lord) (also known as Thrones for short) was a television series Shona McCullough planned to marathon-watch as part of her Christmas Day itinerary. (TV: Last Christmas)

When Lord Mortigan mentioned how the humans had to genetically modify the local life forms on a planet to make them more like dragons, Clara Oswald retorted that this was so they could play Game of Thrones. (COMIC: The Dragon Lord)

Behind the scenes Edit

Many actors have appeared in both Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, including Paul Kaye, David Bradley, Thomas Sangster, Liam Cunningham, Mark Gatiss, Iain Glen, Julian Glover, Harry Lloyd, Robert Pugh, Diana Rigg, Burn Gorman, Donald Sumpter, Faye Marsay, Kerry Ingram and Maisie Williams.

Shona (who is played by Faye Marsay)'s itinerary in Last Christmas only refers to the series as Thrones. The full title is given in The Dragon Lord.

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