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A garden was a space for growing and display of plants.

The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith met St. Nicholas in the garden of a New York City mansion. (PROSE: A Visit from Saint Nicholas)

By 200,100, Earth had become a much harsher place. No one could go outside or grow a garden. (TV: Bad Wolf)

At Easter, the newly regenerated Eleventh Doctor crashed his TARDIS in Amy Pond's back garden in Leadworth. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

Entertainment features at the Two Streams Facility included a garden. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

Maria Jackson saw Sarah Jane Smith with a Star Poet in her garden. This was the first alien Maria ever saw. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

Kent was known as the garden of England. (AUDIO: The Mouthless Dead; PROSE: Transit)

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