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A gardener was an individual who grew and cultivated plants.


Geordie the gardener. [source needed]

Georgie was the gardener at the Winterborne Public School. (HOMEVID: The Devil of Winterborne)

When Cameca stated that Topau watched over the temple every day, the First Doctor assumed that he was a gardener. (TV: The Aztecs)

Mechon 179 was a Mechonoid gardener on the planet Hesperus and helped defending it against a Daleks invasion, ultimately being destroyed in the attempt. (PROSE: War of the Daleks)

Hass worked at Aklaar's Park on Phobos before Braxiatel recruited him to be a gardener at the Braxiatel Collection. (PROSE: Against Gardens)

Alleyn was a gardener in the world Galah created. (PROSE: Strange England)

After bumping into a shovel in his confession dial, the Twelfth Doctor claimed to hate gardening, questioning what sort of person would have a power complex about flowers. (TV: Heaven Sent)

When she confronted the Cybermen, Kate Stewart described herself as a "keen gardener". (TV: Death in Heaven)

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