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Gareth Hale is an English actor and comedian, best known as one half of the comedy duo Hale and Pace with his friend and comic partner Norman Pace.

The pair appeared together in the final "classic era" Doctor Who television serial: 1989's Survival, in which they portrayed, respectively, Harvey and Len, a pair of grocery shop clerks who encounter the Seventh Doctor.

Personal life Edit

Hale was born in Hendon, Yorkshire.

Work with Norman Pace Edit

Former teachers, Pace and Hale's comedy partnership has fronted several television programmes, most notably Hale and Pace, Pushing Up Daisies, h&p@bbc, and Jobs for the Boys. As straight actors, they also fronted the original TV dramatisation of Dalziel and Pascoe Also in 1989, Hale and Pace won the Rose d'Or. In 2007 they appeared in the Christmas Special of Extras, called "The Extra Special Series Finale", playing themselves.

Later work Edit

In 2008, Hale joined the cast of The Royal in the role of the head porter. In late 2009, he played Scrooge in an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

External links Edit

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