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GateBots were the advanced robots used on the planet Ekthelios. They were used around the spaceport to monitor arrivals and departures and could scan individuals to confirm their identity. They were equipped with a variety of gadgets (for surveillance and defence) that were housed within their robotic frames that could extrude from a chest panel, their arms or in their helmets. Those with "long hair" were capable of flight, including hover mode in pursuit of unidentified suspect illegals. The GateBots were also authorised to oversee execution of individuals who were unable to provide ID and were unable to complete, with 100% correct answers, a Customer Questionaire (from within soundproofed containment tubes).

Amy Pond was nearly executed because, despite helping save the people of Ekthelios, the GateBots failed to recognise her, until the Eleventh Doctor confirmed her identity using the lead story of the Daily Eon. (COMIC: Attack of the GateBots!)

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