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Geldar was a peaceful member of the Martian species that would later become known as the Ice Warriors. Lord Arakssor considered him a traitor to the Martians for wanting them to co-exist with the rest of the Milky Way in peace. Millions of years BC, after Arakssor's attempt to overthrow the Martian government failed, Geldar and the Seventh Doctor sentenced Arakssor to life imprisonment in Antarctica for trying to make the Martians a race of warmongers. An Ice Warrior trapped attacked the prison in an attempt to escape. This flooded the prison and trapped everyone beneath the ice for millions of years. After Lord Barset's team awoke the rogue Ice Warriors under the ice in 2012, Lord Arakssor woke Geldar. Seeing Geldar as guilty for his treachery, Arakssor killed him. (AUDIO: Frozen Time)

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