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Gellen Jenkins was a human who, as a birthday gift from her father and his girlfriend, received a trip on the Galactic Safari to Xirrinda. She kept a holo-recorder to record everything that she was going to see on the new planet. She was confronted by pebble-like creatures while staying at a hotel. Her father had told her to escape inside the autopilot jeep. The Eleventh Doctor found her in the back seat and took her back to the airport. She was only bruised slightly, and Rory decided that she had received only a mild concussion. She learned Mr Cain and Professor Willard had escaped with a specimen box, which she found held three pebble creatures. She recorded everything on her holo-recorder. When she found one of the creatures loose, she, Rory and the two school children, Matty George and Kevin Arkwright, helped to blow up the train along with the creatures. (PROSE: Rain of Terror)

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