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Gemini Plan (comic story)

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Gemini Plan
Gemini Proj
Doctor: Third Doctor
Main enemy: Rudolph Steiner
Main setting: Australia, 1970s
Key crew
Publisher: Polystyle
Writer: Dennis Hooper
Artist: Harry Lindfield
Release details
Printed in: TV Action 1-5
Release date: 20 February - 20 March 1971
Reprinted in: DWCC 1
Format: Comic - 5 parts (10 pages)
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Gemini Plan was a TV Action comic story featuring the Third Doctor.

Summary Edit

When a failed attempt to fix the TARDIS sends him to Australia, the Doctor investigates a scientist's work to gain more resources for Earth from an unusual source.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • The Doctor carries out his repairs on the TARDIS in a barn adjoining a derelict farmhouse on a Welsh mountainside. A sign outside reads W.D. PROPERTY / KEEP OUT.

Notes Edit

  • Murray Stevens' surname changes to Lever in the fourth instalment.
  • This was the very first Doctor Who comic strip published by Countdown. It opened with the following narrative: "High on a Welsh mountainside, a single light twinkles from the window of a barn adjoining a derelict farmhouse..."
  • The very first words were spoken by the Doctor: "That should do it."

Continuity Edit

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