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Geoffrey Redvers was a man dedicated to the safety of America. He was in charge of a military base housing assassin androids. He befriended their creator, Albert, and began setting up a new life for him once his work was done. However, he pressed Albert for results and ended up with half-finished androids that killed anyone who knew their true identities. This resulted in mass murder during a mission and at the base. He also encountered the Eleventh Doctor when he was going backwards in time, but didn't believe his story when he temporarily went forwards. However, when he said Isley's name as a warning, Redvers believed the Doctor, knowing how attached Albert was to the android. Preventing Albert from going with his creations to be destroyed in Appletown, Geoffrey gave his friend several different currencies for his pension and a new identity, allowing him to flee before he was killed along with him to cover up the operation. (PROSE: Nuclear Time)

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