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In a parallel universe, Geordi La Forge was the chief engineer of the USS Enterprise-D in the 24th century.

La Forge's vision was enhanced with an ocular device called a VISOR, which gave him "extraordinary abilities", but he would have preferred to have normal vision. However, after an Away Team mission on Cogen V involving the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory, his VISOR came in handy examining Borg and Cybermen bodies that were recovered from the planet because he was able to determine the specific degradation patterns of the weapons used and conclude that the Cybermen and Borg were targeting each other.

La Forge assisted Data with a routine scan of his neural net before the Enterprise's visit to Naia VII in 2368. On that planet, Captain Ochoa hoped to consult with La Forge about the challenges of mining below the water's surface. After a flooding incident, La Forge reviewed the operation. He found that safety protocols were "remarkably low". Captain Picard explained that Starfleet was cutting corners to rebuild its fleet after the losses to the Borg at Wolf 359. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

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