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George, known also as "Casket 816", was one of the Resting Ones at Tranquil Repose. Before his death, he set up a research fund to find the cure for Beck's syndrome, which he succumbed to and which took him away from his wife Vanella.

After his death, the DJ, who entertained the Resting Ones, who give messages to George from Vanella, who stated that her every waking hour was spent administering the research fund. However, the DJ privately wondered what she was really doing with the money due to the fact that the cure for Beck's Syndrome was discovered forty years earlier.

George was taken out of suspended animation by Davros when he took over Tranquil Repose. It is unknown whether George was used to create an Imperial Dalek or if he was turned into a high concentrated protein for planets in famine. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks)