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George Bamford and his brother Asa were southern outlaws in the 1860s. George and his brother accosted the Third Doctor and Charlie Fisher, who were trying to get the Doctor's TARDIS back from the Union Army. George and Asa attacked the wagon train transporting the TARDIS, thinking it contained money. Then, as the brothers were inspecting the TARDIS, George beat Charlie over the head, saying he "talk(ed) too much". The brothers then forced the Doctor at gunpoint to open the TARDIS.

However, when they saw the space within, they began to argue; the Doctor, taking advantage of the disagreement, used some Venusian aikido on Asa while Charlie leapt up and grabbed George's legs. Despite all that had happened, the Doctor offered to transport them to somewhere else in the world to start a new life, as he had offered to Charlie. The Bamfords, frightened, instead asked to be let out, where they were immediately captured by Union soldiers. (COMIC: Backtime)