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George Herbert Sanderson was a scientist who worked at the Torchwood Institute in the late 19th century. He was a slender man with thick sideburns and large spectacles.

George and Agnes Havisham worked together at Torchwood and fell in love. One time, Agnes and he were riding in the Torchwood carriage when it was attacked by Weevils. Agnes planned to drive them off by shooting them with a flare gun but George accidentally fired the flare gun inside the carriage, killing a Weevil and scaring the rest off.

Around 1901, he reverse-engineered a faster-than-light spaceship from a xXltttxtolxtol probe. He asked Queen Victoria for permission to travel to "Planet X", though the ship was completed only after her death. Even with the drive, it would take over a hundred years to travel there and back. Agnes agreed to become the Torchwood Assessor, meaning she would be kept in cryogenic stasis when not needed and would be able to able to see him when he returned. They were still able to talk to each other occasionally.

When George arrived on Planet X, he was taken in by the xXltttxtolxtol. They had only sent out the probe to find new planets to invade, though he still believed they were peaceful. When they learned of the Cardiff Space-Time Rift, they developed a way to use the rift to quickly transport George's ship and a group of life pods back to Earth. Agnes was woken, though before she could reunite with George, Torchwood and she had to deal with the Vam. It was only when in orbit of Earth when George realised the xXltttxtolxtol's true plan. When he tried to send a pod to meet Agnes, Gwen Cooper accidentally came too close. Agnes knocked her out and sent her to the ship. George didn't know what to do and kept her locked up for two days, until the xXltttxtolxtol pods were activated.

With no further use for George's ship, the xXltttxtolxtol shot it down. Taking advantage of the crash, Gwen contacted Jack Harkness and Rhys Williams with her mobile phone. Using Jack's phone as a homing signal, George and Gwen aimed the ship at the portal. They fled in the escape pod with Rhys' help. When the ship crashed, it lit the remains of the Vam on fire, utterly destroying the xXltttxtolxtol.

Following their adventures, Agnes drugged Torchwood with Retcon and left with George. (PROSE: Risk Assessment)