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George Wilson was a conspiracy theorist in the 21st century.

Wilson started his career as a journalist. He and his wife Lorraine adopted a daughter, Kate, who, unbeknownst to them, was a member of the Committee. He was a recovered alcoholic. He meditated and believed in the idea of reincarnation, an element of Buddhism. He became frustrated with his job and decided to write conspiracy theory books, including The Great Conspiracy. Kate gave him the idea of the Committee, an organisation of aliens secretly controlling the world. He became wildly popular, and Kate worked as his agent. In the 2000s, Jack Harkness went to one of his events in Cardiff, because he knew the Committee was real. Pretending to be a reporter for Plexus, Jack got an interview with Wilson. After Sam Hallett's death, Jack went back to Wilson's hotel room and demanded to know where he heard about the Committee. Wilson confessed he made them up.

The next morning, while watching security footage of Wilson and his daughter talking, Jack realised Kate's true nature. He went to their hotel room and Kate shot him. While Jack was dying, Kate explained that she had told Wilson about the Committee, then shot Wilson dead. (AUDIO: The Conspiracy)