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Ghost Light was a novelisation based on the 1989 television serial Ghost Light.

Publisher's summary Edit

Perivale, 1983

A column of smoke rises from the blazing ruins of a forgotten, decaying mansion. Perivale, 1883

In the sleepy, rural parish of Greenford Parva, Gabriel Chase is by far the most imposing edifice. The villagers shun the grim house, but the owner, the reclusive and controversial naturalist Josiah Samuel Smith, receives occasional visitors.

The Reverend Ernest Mathews, for instance, dean of Mortarhouse College, has travelled from Oxford to refute Smith's blasphemous theories of evolution.

And in a deserted upstairs room, the Doctor and Ace venture from the TARDIS to explore the Victorian mansion ...

Who – or what – is Josiah Smith? What terrible secrets does his house conceal? And why does Ace find everything so frightening familiar?

Chapter titles Edit

  1. Tropic of Perivale
  2. Gabriel Chase
  3. Uncharted Territory
  4. Gaslight Boogie
  5. Josiah's Web
  6. That's the Way to the Zoo
  7. Ace's Adventures Underground
  8. Creature Comforts
  9. Out of Control
  10. Twice Upon a Time
  11. Trick of the Light
  12. Beautiful Soup

Deviations from televised story Edit

to be added

Writing and publishing notes Edit

British publication history Edit

One single paperback edition, priced £2.50 (UK), estimated print run: 25,000 copies.

 Audiobook Edit

This Target Book was released complete and unabridged by BBC Audio and read by Ian Hogg, who played Josiah Samuel Smith in the television story.

The audio set of four CDs was released in June 2011 priced £13.99 (UK)

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